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Milan CityLife Apartment by Studio Marco Piva

In the center of the historic “Fiera Milano” district, overlooking the new public park in the Milan’s CityLife development, Studio Marco Piva has completed the interiors of a private residential apartment. The entrance, featuring a custom-made backlit plasterboard wall, leads to the large living area. Designed by Marco Piva, the plasterboard has been studied as opposed to the window, an artificial back-lit in contrast with a natural light source.


The living area, very spacious and with access to both terraces, is designed to receive guests or relaxing with the family. An important element are the two hanging lamps, characterized by a descent of blown glass spheres in which is positioned the light source.

The library, very long, has a geometric pattern reminiscent of Mondrian, obtained with a set of closed and open parts that create harmonious contrast between empty and filled space. Inside there were placed decorative lamps, in antithesis with the rigor of the library.


In the living area there is also one of the main project’s design characteristic: at the junction of the second conversation area, just behind the second sofa, there is a sliding door, which you don’t see tracks or anything about it while it is open. This door divides the space when necessary, creating the space reserved for listening to music or watching television.


The terraces play a very important role in the project, as there is a big exterior space, divided into two large terraces plus a service’s veranda.

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all images courtesy of STUDIO MARCO PIVA