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Mount Hood Handblown Pint Glass by North Drinkware


The Oregon Pint Glass from North Drinkware is an American-made, custom blown 16 oz. glass that has Mt. Hood – Oregon’s highest peak at 11,250 feet – molded into the base. Using United States Geological Survey data a 3D model of Mt. Hood is integrated into the mold so your beer cascades around the mountain when you pour it into the glass.


“Translating actual 3D data of Mt Hood into a North glass was a really fun and interesting technical design challenge. We started with the USGS data of Mt Hood and incorporated it into the CAD 3D model of our glass,” explains one of the creators. “Our next challenge was taking our design from the digital to the physical world so we could begin our prototyping process. To do so, we made a 3D print of our glass on a MakerBot and then poured a plaster mold from that print. Working with an expert Portland-based glassblower we began blowing glass into the mold.”

The Oregon Pint Glass from North Drinkware is available on Kickstarter for $35 USD.


3-mount-hood-handblown-pint-glass-by-north-drinkware 4-mount-hood-handblown-pint-glass-by-north-drinkware 5-mount-hood-handblown-pint-glass-by-north-drinkware

all images and video courtesy of NORTH DRINKWARE