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Moving Interstate on a Budget: Is it Possible?

Moving Interstate on a Budget: Is it Possible?

One of the most difficult things to think about when it comes to moving interstate is if it can be done on a budget. There are many things that can be included in the price for interstate moves, from the amount of stuff you are moving, the number of services you will be availing to where you are moving. You may even be surprised to find out that basic services like packing will also cost you a lot of money. 

Fortunately, it is possible to move interstate on a budget. But, how? Here is a short guide on what you need to know about interstate moving costs and how to move on a budget. 

What is Included in an Interstate Removalist Quote?

The first thing you have to budget for if you plan to move interstate is getting your stuff removed from your current residence. Removalists in Perth, or in any other part of Australia, usually have different quotations for this service with some sneakily adding ‘hidden costs’ when you sign up with them. 

Here are the things that are usually included in interstate removalist quotes: 


Interstate removalists use residential containers that can carry loads of up to 7 to 8 tonnes to hold items that will be moved out of the property. Some companies will quote you for a certain weight limit and charge you a surcharge once everything is weighed. 

  1. Time

Since they will use a residential container to keep your stuff, you will be charged for its rent from the time it is loaded to the time it is unloaded. Transit times to move the containers from one place to another is not included. 

  1. Equipment Used

Some removalists use various equipment to move your things to the container and transfer them to your new home. Some companies will use cheaper equipment to reduce their quotes, but this is dangerous because it can cause damage to your items if the equipment suddenly breaks down or handles your items roughly. 

  1. Packaging

To ensure that your items can be moved easily and keep them protected, packaging materials may be included in your interstate removalist quote. However, there are companies that offer this for free or on a discount. 

What about Moving Costs?

Aside from getting your items out of your current home, you will also need to pay for other services to make your move interstate easier. It is difficult to figure out how much these services will cost and some companies may charge for certain services that others are offering for free. 

Some of the services that you will have to consider for your budget include: 

  • Insurance – This will protect your belongings from damages during transport
  • Relocation costs – This covers transporting your family and pets to your new home. 
  • Storage – If you don’t want to move your items to your new home immediately, you can pay for storage space. 
  • Packaging materials – Costs will cover the packaging materials that will be used for your items such as bubble wraps, boxes, ties, etc. 
  • Utility transfer – All your utility bills, registration addresses and posts will be transferred to your new location. 
  • Vehicle moving service – This cost varies depending on what kind of vehicle you used for the move and if it is with the interstate moving company you signed up with. 

Tips to Make Your Move Cheaper

Wherever you may be moving, there are ways to reduce the costs of your move and even make things easier for you. Here are some tips that you can consider to make your interstate move cheaper than the quoted costs you are given:

  1. Plan accordingly

Since you are moving to a new location, you should plan your move accordingly to keep the moving costs down and give you ample time to do everything you need before moving. Research the best times to move to your new location and make sure that all the things you need in your new home, like electricity and water, are active before you get there. 

  1. Pack your own items

Since some companies charge you for packaging materials, it would be best if you pack your own items yourself to reduce the costs. You can also use your own packaging materials to shave the costs off your interstate move. 

  1. Sell what you won’t bring to your new home

While planning your move, you should consider which items will be moved to your new home and which items you will leave behind. While you can keep certain items you don’t want to bring to your new home in a storage facility, you have to pay for the storage unit monthly. If they are still in good condition, consider selling them. Doing this will give you more money to use for your move and buy new items that you can use in your new home. 

  1. Sign up with the best removalist company

There are removalist companies that cheat when it comes to their interstate moving/removalist quotes to get more people to sign up with them. However, if you sign up with a trustworthy interstate removalist company, you will be given a reasonable quote to make your move smoother and affordable. 


Moving interstate can be stressful, especially if you think about the things you need to pay for. But, if you plan it right and sign up with a good interstate removalist and moving company, you won’t have to worry too much. Make sure you do your research and reach out to the interstate removalist company that you can trust to work on an affordable and stress-free interstate move.