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Mulberry & Prince in Cape Town by Atelier Interiors

Karl Rogers - Photography

Mulberry & Prince is a modern luncheonette offering New American cusine in Cape Town’s trendy CBD. Situated on Pepper Street and designed by local Atelier Interiors, this exciting new addition features a rustic colour palette of dusty pink, charcoal, and terracotta, with modernist furniture. These include contemporary lighting and copper tables by designer Conrad Van der Westhuizen. Elsewhere, bespoke marble and timber tables designed by Pederson and Lennard, high leather bar stools by local brand Stokperd, and an eclectic mix of plush velvets and polished brass underline the designers’ French-retro vision. Cape Town-based artist Kurt Pio filled the space beautifully with his modern bespoke artwork, available for purchase.

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