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Nejen Bistro in Prague by mar.s architects

BoysPlayNice Photography & Concept

In the growing Prague district of Karlín, which was affected by the hundred-year flooding in 2002, local practice mar.s architects has recently designed a light filled, airy restaurant — the Nejen Bistro.

The flooding is reflected in the interior of the bistro, and thus the walls struck by the water were cleaned down to the bricks and kept that way, while the remaining parts of the bistro are plastered.

However, the main motive of the bistro is the interconnection of the restaurant and the kitchen. They form a unified area where everyone sees everything and nothing is hidden. Just like the meals, the interior is also clean without unnecessary additives, and it doesn’t hide anything, maybe just the passing through the library. With nightfall, the bistro brightened through the day changes into an intimate place perfect for tasting great wines thanks to clumps of slightly glowing “edison light bulbs”.

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