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nendo Creates Delivery Box To Receive Goods While Not At Home


Akihiro Yoshida

Renowned Japanese design studio nendo has conceived a delivery box that allows users to receive a parcel while they’re away. Following the rapid growth of E-Commerce shoppers, there has been a surge in the demand for door-to-door parcel delivery services. This has created social problems, for example, parcel delivery companies are facing manpower shortages due to the burden of multiple redelivery attempts in Japan.

Currently the most common parcel drop boxes are the hard-stand-alone types which are in short supply, as installation can be problematic and limited to places. Although cheaper products in the form of simplified assembly kits and softer nylon bags are appearing, there are concerns such as unpractical to use, lack of security and poor style appeal.


This has led nendo‘s design team to the design of a “bag-in-case” type of delivery box which consists of a removable nylon bag inside a hard case. Small parcels can be stored within the bag inside the case. Any parcels that are larger in size can be stored after removing the bag from the case. In this manner, the case offers increased storage while maintaining compactness.


The bag can hold most parcels with the exception of a few unusually huge cardboard boxes. The opening of the bag was designed larger than normal so parcels can easily be inserted and retrieved, taking into consideration instances when delivery staff have their hands full.

Simultaneously the color of the inner base of the bag is different so that the bottom can be immediately identified. This ensures that at each stage, namely opening the bag, placing the parcel inside the base of the bag, closing the zip, and locking it, is all carried out seamlessly. A clear pocket, to put in padlocks used for locking after the parcels have been stored away, and seals used for sale slips, has been attached to the surface of the bag.


Future development in the pipeline includes mesh bags that enable visibility of what is inside, and bags made of cut-proof and waterproof nylon. As a crime and theft prevention measure, a single security cable connects the case and bag together and can be attached to lattice doors, fences, and poles.

When there are no lattice doors and fences in the hallway, a cube that acts like an “anchor” was attached to the edge of the security cable so they can be fixed to the gap in the door or post boxes embedded in the door. The hole for the cable on the back of the case, can also serve as a handle for carrying the case itself.


The color variation consists of 4 colors, white, black silver and blue. The instruction sheets for delivery drivers are designed to be hooked onto the cases so that they can be easily placed and removed. The rear-side of the instruction sheet is an entirely plain whiteboard which can be used to leave notes for delivery drivers or neighbors. The design combining the merits of both the hard and soft aspects, has been named “oitec” combining the act of “oiteku” (the Japanese word for “to leave” ) and “EC” for E-Commerce.


 all images and video courtesy of Akihiro Yoshida