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nendo retrospective at Taiwan Design Museum

Takumi Ota

“Looking through the window” is the Nendo large-scale retrospective exhibition at the Taiwan Design Museum. Around 322 works are exhibited in the 1420 sqm venue, housing six different galleries. 

The architectural structure sits on the grounds of a former tobacco factory, built during the Japanese Colonial Period. Since the galleries are linked together by long corridors, and also characterized by windows with wooden frames lining up against those corridors, it was designed so that the “corridor” and the facing “window” would play a key role in the exhibition space, and not the “gallery” itself.


First, small exhibition spaces for each furniture brand were fitted behind the window in the same size as the window. Next, the brands were grouped together by region, such as Italy, Eastern Europe, North America and Asia, so that when the visitors walked along viewing each window they could enjoy an experience that resembles having gone around the world visiting each brand.

The aim was to achieve an exhibition that invokes a sense of excitement similar to window shopping when looking through windows and at the same time conjure a sense of tranquility when viewing the scenery outside the window.

 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-3 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-4 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-5 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-6 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-7 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-8 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-9 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-10 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-11 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-12 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-13 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-14 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-15 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-16 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-17 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-18 nendo-retrospective-taiwan-design-museum-19

all images © Takumi Ota