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Penthouse in Netanya by Dori Interior Design

Adi Cohen Zedek

Israeli firm Dori Interior Design has recently completed the interior of this 146 sqm penthouse apartment on the 7th floor of a new building in Netanya, Israel that features a beautiful point of view from its main balcony to the new Urbanic skyline Along Netanya coastline.

The heart of the apartment is the high level kitchen, so it separated from the rest of the public area. It also provides a unique view to the other parts of the house, including the private area which possible thanks to the fact there is no wall between the public and the private area, only two sides cupboard with a glass wall in its center.

A significant element in the public space is the black iron bookcase. The two sides bookcase takes the role of functional and design element and also separates between the cooking area and the hosting area.

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all images © Adi Cohen Zedek