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nexpaq, The World’s First Modular Smartphone Case


nexpaq is a new type of smartphone case with physical interchangeable modules that offer a host of customizable enhancements, including Extended Battery life, USB and Thermometer. nexpaq offers full module compatibility between different iOS and Android smartphones, works across multiple generations of phones, and supports up to six modules at any given time.


There are 12 different modules available at launch, and with its open platform this is just the beginning. nexpaq is setting out to build a community where developers can create their own innovations, and is looking forward to the future of nexpaq being shaped by these budding creators. With the upcoming hardware app store, a database of resources, a physical toolkit and an API designed to make creating your own module as simple as possible – the possibilities to truly customize your phone will be endless.


Current modules that nexpaq will offer once funded will be: battery, amplified speaker, LED flashlight, SD card reader, temperature, humidity and air quality sensors, USB flash memory module, backup hard drive, hotkeys, Breathalyzer and laser pointer. All current nexpaq modules work in conjunction with a companion app, which will update as you slot in a module, making transitions between functions simple.

nexpaq is available on Kickstarter starting at $89 USD. It includes four modules and should ship in January next year, assuming the product is fully funded.



all images and video courtesy of NEXPAQ