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Nike Sneakerball Sculpture by Shane Griffin


Nike Netherlands and creative agency Rosie Lees London commisioned New York artist Shane Griffin to design a sculpture for their annual Sneakerball event, held this year in Palacio Cibeles, Madrid, Spain. Working closely with Nike’s Colin Cornwell, Griffin created a sculpture to work on both printed material, and in the physical world. “This was a great opportunity to take my work off the screen, creating blueprint layouts from 3D geometry for the sculptuing process” explains Shane.

 2-nike-sneakerball-sculpture-by-shane-griffin 3-nike-sneakerball-sculpture-by-shane-griffin 4-nike-sneakerball-sculpture-by-shane-griffin 5-nike-sneakerball-sculpture-by-shane-griffin 6-nike-sneakerball-sculpture-by-shane-griffin 7-nike-sneakerball-sculpture-by-shane-griffin 8-nike-sneakerball-sculpture-by-shane-griffin 9-nike-sneakerball-sculpture-by-shane-griffin 10-nike-sneakerball-sculpture-by-shane-griffin 11-nike-sneakerball-sculpture-by-shane-griffin

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