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Non-Standard Varieties of Windows: Top-5 Design Options

Kitchen with rounded doors and windows

Modern PVC glazing is functional and beautiful: it gives warmth and comfort, decorates the interior and facades of the houses. At the same time, most buyers prefer the standard configuration of window structures. However, if you want to decorate your exterior, emphasize the originality of design solutions, then it is better to opt for non-standard windows. After all, there are many techniques with which you can style and decorate them.

You can decorate any element of the structure, and even the shape itself can become a key design element. But before ordering awning windows installation in Canada, let’s consider the most unusual design options:

1. Skylights

Skylights can provide sophisticated and eye-catching designs for many rooms in your home. Very few people have skylights, and this can improve the design of your home significantly. Specialists install skylights on the ceiling, making the space inside well illuminated. Skylights look great in bathrooms, creating a soft, pleasant atmosphere.

2. Round-shaped units

Aren’t you a fan of ordinary square or rectangular shapes? Select a round shape instead. You can select from several varieties of unusual window types, from round to semicircular, elliptical, and oval. With a round window, you can bring an original look to your house while paying tribute to Victorian or Gothic architecture.

 Bathroom with round window and skylight

3. Shutter units

Shutter windows are unique as they bring a modern look and comfort to your home. They use a lot of metal or glass parts that work in the same way as blinds. Flat shutter windows provide either an unobstructed view or create some shading. All you have to do to open the blinds is turn the lever, and you can enjoy the panoramic view. Such blinds provide air circulation in the room. They work best in shared spaces and wide-open areas where you can enjoy the fresh air and sun.

4. Glass block glazing

Glass block structures are more decorative than functional. You are free to install a glass block to better illuminate the room and bring more natural light inside. Frequently, glass block surfaces have a matte finish or a pattern on the surface for added privacy. These windows are suitable for bathrooms, basements, and other areas where you need a top-level of privacy.

5. Transom windows

Like glass block windows, transoms are used to create an accent or just decorate the window. They can help you divide the space inside the room or add a unique accent to your home. Most frequently, you can see transoms installed above doors. They give the house a sophisticated look. Traditionally, transoms are semicircular with some decorative elements such as unique framing. However, they can also be square or rectangular.

Do you want to add a sophisticated architectural element to your home? The above-mentioned options may be interesting for you. Contact a specialist to discuss all the available options.