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Novus Unveils A $35,000 e-Bike At CES 2019

Novus e-Bike


German electric motorcycle company Novus has debuted its first prototype at CES 2019. Sat somewhere between an e-bike and a motorcycle, the Novus is the co-creation of industrial designers René Renger and Marcus Weidig. One of the most important differences to other electric motorcycles is the full carbon fiber body, that enables Novus to create this kind of new design.

The brushless hub motor transforms the energy of the high-voltage battery into a top speed of 60 mp/h. With a peak power of up to 14 kW, the 200 Nm of torque is converted into forward movement. Wear parts such as chain and clutch are not necessary. The unique carbon fiber monocoque-frame is at the same time supporting skeleton and shaping outer skin. It completely waives additional panels. Compared to conventional steel or aluminum frames, it is lighter, more rigid and visually appealing. The purpose-built lithium-ion battery gives Novus a maximum range of 60 miles. In urban traffic, this corresponds to a travel time of over 3 hours. The battery can recharge up to 80% within 1 hour.

The specially developed carbon fiber front fork with its central strut blends seamlessly into the design of Novus. The adjustable damper hardness and sufficient (suspension) travel ensure a comfortable ride with precise response. The rear suspension is integrated almost invisibly into the frame and the swingarm. Neither strut nor swingarm bearings are directly recognizable. The deflected air damper is adjustable in both rebound and compression and can be adapted to the road conditions at any time. When the carbon fiber brake levers are actuated, the ultra-light monoblock calipers grip the 230 mm brake discs. The floating brake discs ensure optimal braking performance even under high loads.

 Novus e-Bike Novus e-Bike

The LED front light is integrated directly into the stem in the smallest possible space. So it fits in a completely invisible way into the overall picture. The combination of light and stem creates a novel appearance and represents our way of thinking with breaking conventions. The benefits of the connected, digital world make it possible to integrate the smartphone not only as a control and display instrument but also as a digital key. By eliminating unnecessary hardware, new ideas can be made instantly available.

 Novus e-Bike Novus e-Bike

The seat with its noble seam is an implicit part of the overall shape and extends from the rear to the cockpit. The integrated leather start button sits at the point where the tank is located on a conventional motorcycle. Like the front light, also the LED-taillight integrates harmoniously into the basic shape. It requires no further enclosure and contributes significantly to the reduced appearance. The hand-built e-bike is still in its prototype stage, and the pair expect initial production models will be similarly constructed, for a heavy cost of $35,000 or possibly even more.