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OAXIS inkCase i6 E-Ink Case for iPhone 6


inkCase i6 adds an 4.3 inch E Ink display to your iPhone 6  allows the back of your phone to become just like the front of your phone. inkCase i6 connects wirelessly to your iPhone 6 through Bluetooth, allowing you to access contents without switch on the iPhone’s display.  Reading on inkCase makes your reading more enjoyable with the paper like display quality and helps you conserve your iPhone’s battery.


inkCase Now is an info center that facilitates push notifications, weather updates and email from the iPhone to the E Ink device. The always on display ensure you will not miss another important notification; messages, news and other notifications are push to inkCase’s always on E Ink display the inkCase Now.

Learn more about its full functionality here, along with a link to make a purchase.


all images courtesy of OAXIS