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Oma Restores 16th Century Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice

Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti

OMA’s conversion of the 16th Century Fondaco dei Tedeschi as a department store is finally complete in VeniceFirst constructed in 1228, and located at the foot of the Rialto Bridge across from the fish market, the Fondaco dei Tedeschi is one of Venice’s largest and most recognizable buildings. It was used as a trading post for German merchants, a customs house under Napoleon, and a post office under Mussolini. Depicted by Canaletto and other masters, and photographed countless times as the impressive but anonymous backdrop of the Rialto bridge, the Fondaco stands as a mute witness of the Venetian mercantile era, its role diminished with the progressive depopulation of Venice.


OMA’s renovation scheme is based on a finite number of strategic interventions and vertical distribution devices that support the new program and define a sequence of public spaces and paths. Each intervention is conceived as an excavation through the existing mass, liberating new perspectives and unveiling the real substance of the building to its visitors, as an accumulation of authenticities.


The Fondaco dei Tedeschi will unlock its potential as a major destination and vantage point for tourists and Venetians alike; a contemporary urban department store staging a diverse range of activities, from shopping to cultural events, social gatherings and everyday life. The augmentations including a new steel and glass floor over the building’s central pavilion, new entrances, and a wooden terrace on the building’s roof, among other smaller changes. OMA’s renovation, both subtle and ambitious, continues the Fondaco’s tradition of vitality and adaptation, its preservation yet another chapter of the building’s illustrious and multi-layered history. It avoids nostalgic reconstructions of the past and it demystifies the ‘sacred’ image of a historical building.

 oma-restores-16th-century-fondaco-dei-tedeschi-in-venice-photo-by-Delfino-Sisto-Legnani-and-Marco-Cappelletti-4 oma-restores-16th-century-fondaco-dei-tedeschi-in-venice-photo-by-Delfino-Sisto-Legnani-and-Marco-Cappelletti-5 oma-restores-16th-century-fondaco-dei-tedeschi-in-venice-photo-by-Delfino-Sisto-Legnani-and-Marco-Cappelletti-6 oma-restores-16th-century-fondaco-dei-tedeschi-in-venice-photo-by-Delfino-Sisto-Legnani-and-Marco-Cappelletti-7 oma-restores-16th-century-fondaco-dei-tedeschi-in-venice-photo-by-Delfino-Sisto-Legnani-and-Marco-Cappelletti-8 oma-restores-16th-century-fondaco-dei-tedeschi-in-venice-photo-by-Delfino-Sisto-Legnani-and-Marco-Cappelletti-9 oma-restores-16th-century-fondaco-dei-tedeschi-in-venice-photo-by-Delfino-Sisto-Legnani-and-Marco-Cappelletti-10 oma-restores-16th-century-fondaco-dei-tedeschi-in-venice-photo-by-Delfino-Sisto-Legnani-and-Marco-Cappelletti-11 oma-restores-16th-century-fondaco-dei-tedeschi-in-venice-photo-by-Delfino-Sisto-Legnani-and-Marco-Cappelletti-12 oma-restores-16th-century-fondaco-dei-tedeschi-in-venice-photo-by-Delfino-Sisto-Legnani-and-Marco-Cappelletti-13 oma-restores-16th-century-fondaco-dei-tedeschi-in-venice-photo-by-Delfino-Sisto-Legnani-and-Marco-Cappelletti-14

all images courtesy of OMA, Photograph by Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti