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Online Text to Speech with Natural Voices

Online Text to Speech with Natural Voices

Eren Li from Pexels

Online text to speech software helps you to convert text into spoken word in almost all spoken languages across the world. It is able to select whichever voice sounds best to you, such as before recording the file.

This is perfect for people who speak different languages or for people who want to create demos or sound clips from recordings. This software is easy to use, and it records up to hundreds of different voices. If needed, it can even expand to cover more languages.

The new voice generator software is not only a translation tool but also includes a speech generation system. They are so advanced that they will generate several voices for you based on the data collected from real-world situations.

The biggest advantage of such software is that they provide natural sounds. Unlike robotic and monotonous sounds, you will get natural human-like voices. You can choose between male-female as well as kid’s voices.

One such popular online text to speech tool you can use is Notevibes. This software helps you to convert text into 201 natural voices. It is safe, trustworthy and comes with an audio editor feature. Apart from that, you will get different types of voices, i.e. US voice, IN voice, AU voice, and UK voice.

 Online Text to Speech with Natural Voices

Why Use Natural Voices for Text to Speech?

When it comes to text to speech technology, you can either convert the text into AI voices or natural voices. There is a significant difference between both types of voices.

During the early days when the text to speech was evolving, the voices generated were robotic and monotonous. However, with the advent of technology, this software is able to generate more human-like and natural voices. Here are some of the reasons why you need to use natural voices when using this software.

  • Human-Like Feel: The main reason why you need to use natural voices is that it has a human feel. When you use it, it will feel like an actual human is talking instead of an AI or robot.
  • Expressive: Natural voices are more expressive. You can easily express different emotions when you use a natural sound. For example, you can change the voice to be more soft or loud as per the type of content.
  • Human Emotion: These voices have actual human emotion. You can easily communicate with the audience when you use natural voices. It helps you to easily convey the message and achieve the goal. For example, you can add actual humour in an educational video to make the students understand.
  • Empathetic: Natural voices are emphatic and express feelings. You can use it for different occasions and express your feelings with the help of the tone of voice. For example, if you are apologizing to the customer, you can make it sound actually apologetic.
  • Multiple Options: When you choose natural voices, you will get multiple options. You can choose different people’s voices. For example, you can either choose a young boy’s voice or an older man’s voice. Similarly, you can choose between different female voices.