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Panel Replacement vs. Garage Door Replacement

Panel Replacement vs. Garage Door Replacement

A garage door panel is made with many detachable panels. Therefore, if one of the panels is injured or broken, you can take them out and change them with brand new ones.

Panel replacement is a more cost-effective and alternative solution for broken panels. If you think that the damage is not significant, you only need to replace the fractured panels instead of replacing the whole garage door.

Panel replacement vs. garage door replacement is a confusing decision, but we’re here to help you. With this article, we can give you enough information on when and why you need to change your panels or garage door.

Consider The Level of The Damage

Before calling for any garage door repair service, check first the condition of your garage door panels. If there’s not a lot of damage, you can go for garage door panel replacement. Additionally, if the injured panels are one or two, you only need to change the damaged garage door panels.

In contrast with panel replacement, if the damage is massive and could lead to a malfunctioning garage door, you should consider replacing the entire door. Additionally, if the damage is too extensive, replacing the garage door is practical rather than changing all the damaged panels.

 Panel Replacement vs. Garage Door Replacement

When Do You Need to Change Your Panels? 

If the panels are severely damaged, it’s always possible to change the injured ones. However, you should think that panel replacement is a case-by-case plan. So, depending on the situation, the final look and the price of your new panel might not be your ideal expectation.

Additionally, you can’t be sure that the panels are the only part that is wrong in your garage door system. So, if you believe that your garage door panels need a repair, call your trusted garage door repair in Carol Stream, Illinois, for panel replacement.

The professional garage door experts will check the severity of the damage first. After the examination is done, if the technician decides that the injury is not too significant, it’s more practical and cost-effective to go for panel replacement. Changing one to two garage door panels is less expensive than replacing the whole garage door.

When Do You Need to Change Your Entire Garage Door?

In some cases, garage door replacement is more cost-effective than replacing the injured panels. Here are some situations where replacing an entire garage door is practical.

  • Your garage door model is outdated, and it’s hard to find replacement parts.
  • If you’re remodeling your property and changing the overall style, replacing your entire door is necessary.
  • Your garage door has loose panels.
  • Significant damages and dents on several panels

Additionally, if the damage is too significant that it could hurt the entire garage door, it’s best to choose a garage door replacement. In this case, don’t waste time and go for garage door replacement. By replacing your entire garage door, you can save more money in the long run than keep repairing it multiple times a year. Go to an online business directory to find garage door repair and installation services near you.