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Paper Scarf by Little Factory

If you’re bored with the ordinary materials for your scarf, Little Factory has created the Paper Scarf, an accessory that resembles a long sheet of notepaper with embroidered lines. You can add even more fun by writing or drawing on it just like what you do on a regular piece of paper. The scarf is made of renowned paper-like material Tyvek  from DuPont, which is widely used as protective apparel for industrial workers and medical packaging. The material is elastic, extremely durable yet lightweight, water resistant yet breathable. It becomes softer as you wear it. Surprisingly, it keeps you warm from moderately cold weather.

2-paper-scarf-by-little-factory 3-paper-scarf-by-little-factory 4-paper-scarf-by-little-factory 5-paper-scarf-by-little-factory 6-paper-scarf-by-little-factory

all images courtesy of LITTLE FACTORY