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Paras Cafe in Shanghai

Peter Dixie

Located in the Hongqiao Vanke Center in Shanghai, the Paras Cafe by local firm The Swimming Pool Studio is an attracting and fancy place to relax and socialise. The design inspiration came from the amazing scene of the Mediterranean Sea where the blue sea and the white sands make people feel relaxing and fresh. The designer integrated the clear feature with modern design philosophy and keep a perfect balance by creating a series of changes and connections. Under the modern style with blue and white tone, a variety of geometrical elements line out the simple and clear shapes, bringing the space a unique sense of future.

Tiles, metal meshes and plain cement are selected as the main materials by doing which control the cost. The reception table made up by marble integrated into the environment perfectly and enhance the overall quality of the space. Round mirrors sit on the tiled portions of the walls, reinforcing the nautical theme.

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