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Paris Views by Gail Albert Halaban


For the New York photographer Gail Albert Halaban peek and capture with her camera the private life which takes place behind the windows isn’t just voyeurism but an artistic choice. The series titled ‘Paris Views‘ is a continuation of Halaban’s 2012 series ‘Out My Window‘. In this new set of images, Halaban shifts her focus from New York to Paris — while continuing to steady her gaze through the windows of her neighbors and others in the community.


The photographs, taken between 2012 and 2013, feature cinematic atmospheres and intimate domestic stills. Through Halaban’s lens, the viewer is welcomed into the private worlds of ordinary people.


Paris Views explore the conventions and tensions of urban lifestyles, the blurring between reality and fantasy, feelings of isolation in the city, and the intimacies of home and daily life. In these meticulously directed, window-framed versions of reality, Halaban allows the viewer to create his or her own fictions about the characters, activities, and interiors illuminated within.

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