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Pepsi Prestige Bottle with Custom Barware by Karim Rashid


Unveiled at the ‘Mix It Up’, an immersive, interactive space dedicated to design collaborations and exhibitions by leading talent held during this year’s Milan Design Week, Pepsi Prestige Bottle is a sleek, modern, aluminum bottle designed by PepsiCo Design that elevates Pepsi to a whole new level. Colours and patterns are different for each of the brand’s carbonated soft drinks—Pepsi, Pepsi Light and Pepsi Max beverages.

Moreover, PepsiCo asked to one of the most prolific designers of his generation, Karim Rashid, to create bespoke barware accessories, including an ice bucket, glassware and tray, to complement the newly introduced Prestige Bottle.

 pepsi-the-new-prestige-bottle-with-custom-barware-designed-by-karim-rashid-2 pepsi-the-new-prestige-bottle-with-custom-barware-designed-by-karim-rashid-3 pepsi-the-new-prestige-bottle-with-custom-barware-designed-by-karim-rashid-4 pepsi-the-new-prestige-bottle-with-custom-barware-designed-by-karim-rashid-5 pepsi-the-new-prestige-bottle-with-custom-barware-designed-by-karim-rashid-6 pepsi-the-new-prestige-bottle-with-custom-barware-designed-by-karim-rashid-7

all images courtesy of PepsiCo