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Pixo, Magnetic Tablet Mount for Desktop

Oscar Diaz

Oscar Diaz has conceived Pixo, a magnetic tablet mount that provides a versatile display expansion experience. It connects the tablet to your computer so you can use it as a second display. It aims to add value to the new large tablets such as the 12.9″ iPad Pro (and similar sized tablets) by using it as a second screen, and follows the tech industry new developments pointing to Pro tablets as productivity devices.

It can be used by itself by simply mounting your tablet next to your computer as a second display, or sync the screen with a third-part app if you prefer to share your screen content across devices (Duet Display, Air Display, or iDisplay apps do the trick).


Tablets give us the freedom to work anywhere. We often use them for reading or sending e-mails on the go, but when at the office or at home, in from of our desktop computers, we put them aside as is always more comfortable to work using a large display.


You already have a second display, why not to use it? Most tablets have good quality displays, with a very high resolution, but they are often underused. We use either a desktop display or a tablet depending on the context, but never together.


Pixo allows you to use your tablet not just as a tablet but also as an extension of your desktop monitor. To keep information at eye level, and at the same time the tablet is not “locked” and can be quickly accessed at any time. Pixo is avaliable now on Kickstarter.

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all images and video courtesy of Oscar Diaz