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Play Your Role To Save The Environment… It Begins From Your Home!

Play Your Role To Save The Environment… It Begins From Your Home!

As we progress towards saving the planet and reducing environmental pollution is a normal agenda. Many environmental activists recommend that we make contributions towards saving the earth by making changes in our own homes. Now isn’t that a thing?

If you are planning on moving soon, implementing eco-friendly techniques to your new home can be a start to a completely new lifestyle that not only benefits you but also allows you to make a worthwhile contribution to the planet. Many people are able to motivate their neighbors and community just with the help of the right techniques and methods. But it is important to understand that if other people are not willing to join your cause, you must not push them. Just focus on your own thing.

Making Your House an Eco-Friendly Zone

Even if it’s a little change, do not hesitate to make it. You don’t have control over what the world does but there at your home, you are entitled to make changes. So, why not make changes that are appreciable and acceptable? In this article, we will discuss some of the best and most significant changes that can clearly make a huge difference to the way you live and perceive life and the benefits of saving the planet.

Here are a few ways explaining how:

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources to generate electricity can go a long way in helping the environment. Well, not only the environment but they can also be pretty good in reducing your electricity bills. Normally, houses are connected to an electric grid that generates an adequate supply of electricity from sources like gas and oil.

A common example of renewable energy sources is solar panels. They do not require the use of such items such as gas and oil to run. Only the sunlight supply is enough. A few years ago, it was a generally new term but now, many people are using solar panels in their houses. It comprises a photovoltaic system that takes energy from the sun and converts it into electricity to supply households. One major benefit of using solar panels is that they don’t generate electricity by burning fossil fuels.

 Play Your Role To Save The Environment… It Begins From Your Home!

Cleaning Products

Your house definitely needs some regular cleaning. There are a lot of cleaning products available in the market. Unfortunately, many of them have harmful components for the atmosphere and ozone layer that we buy due to lack of knowledge or interest. These chemical-based products which are being used every day in our houses for cleaning the dishes, washing laundry, and mopping the floor are a major threat to biodiversity on Earth.

You can change your cleaning products around the house by switching to cleaners that consist of ingredients labeled as ‘Eco-friendly’.

Many big brands like Method Home and Seventh Generation are playing a major role in supplying their planet lovers with high-quality organic cleaning products. Even in professional tasks like septic system repair, you can ask your inspector to focus on the use of natural products and disinfectants. Items with no synthetic ingredients are labeled as safe for nature.

Buy Long-Lasting Water Bottles

Every house purchases water bottles. Especially during the hotter days, people like to store some additional cold water bottles in the fridge. Plastic bottles are a common purchase for many Americans. More than 50 billion plastic bottles are sold in America annually. This might be a shocking figure for you but wait till you hear the recycling figure. Out of this 50 billion, only 9% of the bottles are recycled. The rest are just thrown in the ocean making life for marine animal’s hell.

The dangerous thing about plastic bottles is that they do not decompose. In fact, a single bottle of plastic will deteriorate and break into over 10k micro plastic particles over time. Micro plastic is also not easily absorbed in the ground. In fact, it becomes even more toxic and hazardous.

Instead of opting for plastic water bottles, go a bit diverse. Think about making an investment that will go a long way and would definitely be something that you won’t regret purchasing. You can purchase glass or steel water bottles that not only look really nice but are great for long-term use. Also, for the price and their usability, such bottles do provide a great value for money.

Meat Consumption

What you eat nowadays plays a huge role in the environment and impact on the earth. We all love a steak every now and then. But, there are some consequences that one has to pay for that. All across the world, there are animal farms catering to animal abuse and unnatural breeding. Apart from this, eating a lot of meat is really bad for your health. No one wants to be a cardiac patient for the rest of their life.

Now, we as humans have the basic urge to enjoy different meats every now and then. Now, this is not an unfair point considering that meat provides a basic source of energy. However, you need to reduce the amount of meat you consume and try incorporating different vegetables and fruits. Honestly, you won’t regret this decision.

Paper Usage

Papers, papers, and papers! They are everywhere. You probably just rolled one and threw it in the garbage today. From offices to homes and schools, the use of plastic is so common that people do end up using them even when not necessary.

All this for what? Technology has provided us with an amazing opportunity like storing and sharing data on the cloud. You don’t even have to turn the police to this idea. As a matter of fact, this is the only way we can reduce the use of trees.

 Play Your Role To Save The Environment… It Begins From Your Home!

Car Usage

You probably use your car to go almost everywhere. Well, it also runs on fossil fuels that might one day – go extinct. Instead of taking your car everywhere, try making some changes in your commuting patterns.

For example, walking to the nearest drugstore to buy a prescription won’t hurt. Or cycling to your grocery store can add different benefits to the environment as well as the health. Many people don’t notice this but people who willingly commute via public transport have a better schedule in their everyday life. It can also save you the hassle of getting stuck in endless traffic lines.

Using public transport will contribute to saving the environment and traffic jams. Just imagine if all the people in your morning bus started using cars. It would be simply unbearable. Therefore, always use your car when extremely necessary.

Device Unplug

Keeping your television supply on or leaving the laptop on sleep while you do other chores is not helping you save energy. Instead, you are losing resources. Try to keep everything plugged off when you are not home or using a particular appliance.

Water System

Septic tanks are a great way to reduce water and nature contamination on a large scale. You can install one in your house and it will take years before you need a new one. People who get regular septic tank pumping may enjoy benefits for over 2 decades.


Saving the environment is extremely important and we can play our part by making sure that our household is practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle.