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Pool Layout – Designing A Visually-Appealing And Functional Poolside Area

Pool layout – Designing A Visually-Appealing And Functional Poolside Area

Deciding to install a swimming pool in your yard isn’t easy. There are multiple factors that need to be taken into account, such as the initial investment, maintenance requirements and local regulations. However, considering the benefits of becoming a pool owner outweigh any of the initial complications, and this addition also boosts home value, after installation, you won’t regret choosing to incorporate this outdoor feature.

A swimming pool, however, will not provide you with the aesthetical improvement desired, nor it will it reach a maximum functionality level if you don’t asses the surrounding area’s layout by the book. An optimal pol design means more than choosing the right pool size and shape, there are a few other aspects that will influence the outdoor décor and its practicality at the same time.

If you’re currently trying to arrange the pool setting, you may be looking for some recommendations. Here’s what will help you design that picture-perfect pool space:

Poolside Decking

Decking or pool deck resurfacing is one of the first poolside renovation projects to start with. You need to create a comfortable setting around the pool where you can place your sunbeds or lounge chairs. You should consider here the durability of the decking material used but its aesthetical appeal as well. You should go for a material and a design that contributes to the general visuals of your outdoor space.

Pool owners usually choose between natural wood and synthetic or composite wood. While the first material is rather easy to work with and enhances that natural blend with the garden or green spots in your yard, the composite or synthetic alternative is easier to maintain in a good condition. While it usually has the same finish as natural wood, composite materials are harder to wear out, so this might be something to consider.

Water Treatments

As beautifully as you might have decorated the surrounding area, and how many lovely features you’ve incorporated into your poolside design, if the water looks dirty, or algae start appearing, the entire appearance of the setting will have to suffer. This is why, you need to focus on using the right water treatments to keep the pool sanitized and clean, and the water always crystal clear and sparkling. You have a wide variety of chemicals and products that make pool maintenance an easy task. Keeping it clean keeps the stunning look of the entire layout, so don’t overlook the importance of using proper water treatments and pool cleaning supplies.

 Pool layout – Designing A Visually-Appealing And Functional Poolside Area

Stone Surface Highlights

While decking with stone alone is not exactly the easiest or most comfortable choice, a few stone highlights around the swimming pool can contribute to how attractive the setting actually looks like. A stone section somewhere around the pool will certainly make the aesthetics seem more interesting and will bring the entire décor of the place together. You can work with natural stone or tiling for these stone highlights. Naturals tone will provide a more natural and durable style, while tiling is more versatile in terms of textures and sizes.


The right lighting fixtures can completely change the look of the entire outdoor area, and will also allow you to enjoy a beautiful setting at night and make the most of summer evenings. Beside the terrace lights, which you might have already considered installing, some pool LED fixtures are also recommended here. Having LED projectors installed in the swimming pool, for example, will give you the possibility to play around with different colors and create the ambiance you desire. Find out what pool lighting systems you have available, and incorporate the right fixtures yourself. An evening swim, or a glass of wine by the pool at night will become your favorite leisure activities once the area is beautifully lighted for an intimate and inviting atmosphere.

 Pool layout – Designing A Visually-Appealing And Functional Poolside Area


Your yard would not look complete without outdoor furniture, and we’re not talking here about the sunbeds you are already planning to buy. Put together a lounge setting on the patio, and create a comfortable spot to dine or enjoy a drink with your friends or family. A few well-chosen outdoor furniture elements will complement the poolside layout and will add utility to the space.

Pool Closures and Covers

It’s important to consider safety as well. Pool closures and covers will be needed here. These will allow you to maintain the outdoor area completely safe for children and pets and will help you prevent potential accidents. Some covers are also appealing in terms of style. During cold days when you aren’t actually using the pool, covering it with an element that maintains the décor’s appeal can matter.

 Pool layout – Designing A Visually-Appealing And Functional Poolside Area

Landscaping – Add Some Natural Elements

Just because you’ve installed a swimming pool doesn’t mean the entire yard should look “commercial”. Pay attention to your landscape as well. A few trees, some bushes and plants will have a beautifying effect on your outdoor space, so make sure to add at least a few natural elements when you’re remodeling.

Personalize The Area

Make the poolside area authentic and original by adding some personalize décor features. You can add a custom family pool sign, invest in a tiki bar where you can prepare your favorite summer cocktails, or add a big umbrella/ pergola with a fun design that will ensure a spot to chill away from the sunshine. It’s up to you how you want to further personalize the space, but take into account the needs and desires of your family, and make the area a fun one.

A swimming pool can provide you with the perfect entertainment spot, a place where you and your friends can hang out and fully enjoy the summer season. However, in order for this addition to actually provide you with both the aesthetical and practical boost you want for your outdoor space, the area around the pool needs to be taken into account as well. When you are trying to decide on the specifics of your pool layout, remember these few important pointers.