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Popular Interior Design Trends To Look Out For in 2023

Total black kitchen

Interior design trends have been stable for a while now and the pandemic slowed progress in this area significantly. But 2023 marks a year of recovery. Changing preferences are evident across all different aspects of home design.

From the materials and colors used to the purpose of different rooms, changes are afoot. Read on to discover some of these expected new trends.


Classic stand-alone wardrobes are becoming less popular as people prefer clutter-free living and larger spaces. Homeowners are trading them for more visual alternatives. Putting up a bar between two walls is an increasingly popular choice for clothes, especially among those with stylish items they wish to display

Walk-in wardrobes are also back in fashion, with homeowners craving large spaces where they can neatly store their clothing. A walk-in wardrobe ensures a tidier bedroom, adds value to a home, and creates a private area for changing.

However you choose to hang your clothes in 2023, make sure you buy from Tailors London.


There is a growing trend toward concrete interiors, something that has been less popular in recent decades. The use of concrete for flooring, walls, and kitchen surfaces is an increasingly likely option for those with larger homes.

The increased interest in brutalism is largely a result of challenging economic and political times, which have encouraged people to want to create calming spaces. 

 Bedroom with walk-in wardrobe


The desire to be more playful with interior colors will continue in 2023. Pastel colors and those like forest green, blush pink, and deep blue have been popular in recent years and this is set to remain. 

However, 2023 will see more use of earthy colors like browns and pinks. Burnt oranges and greens will also be popular. Most homes will combine different earthy tones to create natural rooms that blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Consumers are continuing to be conscious of their environmental footprint, and this is increasingly driving a change in how materials are sourced and even displayed. 

Reclaimed wooden furniture, second-hand ornaments, and recycled paint are all popular right now – and this trend is set to continue growing each year. There’s also an increased interest in displaying sustainable items, to demonstrate to visitors that you’re thinking of your environmental impact.

Chill-Out Spaces

As more and more people begin to prioritize the life part of their work-life balance, the home office is increasingly likely to be converted into a chill-out space to get away from the noise of modern living. In fact, a record number of people describe feeling stressed, sad, angry, and worried – making this interior design change important.

Whether a spare room is converted into a music room, games room, or library, the trend away from office space is clear to see.


Consumers have noted over the past few decades that the quality of the items in their homes has deteriorated. Chairs break more quickly, tables scratch more easily, and colors fade more noticeably. This acknowledgment is driving demand for high-quality materials in 2023.