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Practical Tips for a Successful Open House Event

Potential buyer visits a home during an open house

Ivan Samkov from Pexels

One cannot undermine the power of an open house, as most buyers prefer checking out a property themselves to determine if it suits their needs. When done correctly, TrustArt Realty company explains, it can help novice realtors become successful in a short time, making a considerable profit from their property listings.

Many first-timers and amateurs have no idea that using open house postcards, targeting the right audience, and making the best arrangements for the day can be highly compelling to attract potential buyers. These are critical steps that one must take to ensure the event meets all its expectations, establishing the realtor as an industry expert.

Those about to hold their first open house can refer to the following points for guidance. The information covers these campaigns’ pivotal planning and execution aspects, helping newbies start on the right foot.

Preparation Of The Premises

Currently, the global real estate market is worth trillions of dollars, with the numbers expected to go even higher shortly. Successful open houses can significantly contribute to these sales, making the industry grow even faster than predicted.

The trick to a successful walk-in is a well-prepared property as it ensures potential buyers have all the necessary information they need to make a purchase decision. So, start by removing all the vehicles to see the driveway on the premises.

Also, ensure all the drapes and curtains are drawn to provide maximum natural light into the house, illuminating its beauty and elegance.  It would help if you also fixed anything that needs immediate attention, such as a broken window frame, leaking pipe, or clogged drainage, as these can be deal-breakers for most home buyers.

Finally, setting out some snacks and refreshments as per budget can help make the ambiance more comfortable and homely.

Targeting The Right Audience

Marketing the walk-in to the correct buyers is pivotal as the success of the whole deal rests upon it. For instance, advertising a residential home to those interested in commercial properties will be pointless.

So, study the neighborhood, vet potential buyers, and create advertising materials that cater to their needs. For example, you can list the benefits of a beautiful, independent multi-bedroom home to target families looking for a new home. Moreover, consider potential buyers’ price range and budget and include that information in your marketing material. It will incentivize potential buyers to contact you or visit the open house for more details.

 Young couple visits a home during an open house

Be Accessible 

Even a well-organized home viewing can fail miserably if the realtor is found incessantly texting, speaking on the phone, or with their heads buried in paperwork during the event. It gives the impression that the agent is not serious about selling the property or that perhaps the home is not worth purchasing.

To avoid this, ensure to interact with the visitors and always be accessible to answer any query they may have about the property. Keeping them engaged amicably will help get the listing off the market in a short time. Furthermore, it can establish you as a reputable, approachable, and dependable realtor in the industry.

Using Postcards

Eye-catching and informative open house postcards are excellent ways to advertise the upcoming walk-in. Ideally, a good mail must include clear pictures of the property, enabling potential buyers to know some critical details and determine if it fits their budget and other requirements.

Besides photos, the postcard must also typically list the home’s exact location and certain other key elements such as the number of rooms, floor type, and the general layout. The date and time of the open house should be precise in the mail, ensuring that there is no confusion in scheduling.

Finally, an excellent pamphlet or brochure includes the realtor’s picture, a few lines about their achievements, and contact information. The trick is to place this strategically on the page, ensuring it does not interfere with the property details while also drawing the buyer’s attention. It is advisable to hire a reliable marketing agency that offers countless templates for these purposes as they can guide amateurs the right way at affordable prices.

After The Event

An experienced realtor can testify that it is pivotal to get in touch with the visitors as soon as possible after the open house. The logic behind this action is to take advantage of the positive first impressions they still have on their minds about the property.

So, consider sending another postcard or an informative email about more details of the property and a list of how they would benefit from purchasing it. This way, people who may have missed specific property details during their visit will catch up on them, making the listing more lucrative almost immediately. Send the follow-up message to everyone on the sign-in sheet from the event, as it increases your chances of a positive response from most of them.