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Puma x Solange Knowles Wild Wonder Pack

Puma releases its second collection of footwear under the creative direction of Solange Knowles. This collection is centered around two iconic styles for PUMA, the classic PUMA Suede and the XT2, which is a much loved favorite from the Trinomic Family. The Trinomic XT2 features a solid blue and yellow mesh upper sitting ontop a black and white striped outsole. On the other hand, the Suede Classic showcases the geometrical patterns on the upper with a solid yellow outsole. The bold colors and unique designs make this pack a must have for all the ladies. The collections will be available on Friday, November 28, 2014, at Feature Sneaker Store.

 2-puma-x-solange-knowles-wild-wonder-pack 3-puma-x-solange-knowles-wild-wonder-pack 4-puma-x-solange-knowles-wild-wonder-pack 5-puma-x-solange-knowles-wild-wonder-pack 6-puma-x-solange-knowles-wild-wonder-pack 7-puma-x-solange-knowles-wild-wonder-pack 8-puma-x-solange-knowles-wild-wonder-pack 9-puma-x-solange-knowles-wild-wonder-pack 10-puma-x-solange-knowles-wild-wonder-pack 11-puma-x-solange-knowles-wild-wonder-pack

all images courtesy of FEATURE SNEAKER STORE