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Questions to Ask Before Deciding on the Perfect Office Space in Delmar

Te guardo de entre los favoritos

Del mar, the serene beach city, is located in San Diego County in California. Del mar got its name from Spanish and means “by the sea,” reflecting its location by the Pacific Ocean’s coast. Though it has a smaller population of about 4,300, the city of Del mar has more immense prospects of growth in the commercial and tourist sector.

If you are looking for a Del Mar office space to either set up a new office or considering moving from an old space to a newly renovated one, there are some vital things to consider.

Choosing the right office space has significant repercussions for your business and so needs a careful assessment. Here are vital questions that you need to ask before zeroing down on the perfect location for your office space in Del mar:

1. How Much Space Do You Need?

The amount of office space you need can be difficult to establish. It mostly depends on the number of employees and what kind of office layout you prefer. Are there executive employees who would require a separate cabin, and what kind of open office arrangement you need for operational-level employees?

Besides, you should also account for extra room you might need as your business grows. Don’t settle for a tighter office space considering your current employee strength.

Del Mar is a seaside village that enjoys a casual and laidback appeal. Therefore you would also want to incorporate the same appeal in the offices with open layouts, operable windows to bask in the pacific breeze, and access picturesque outdoor spaces.

2. Is it the Right Location for Your Employees?

Consider the areas where your employees live in Del mar and choose a prime location with easy accessibility. Especially when you are considering moving your current office location to a new Del mar office space, you might want to seek your key employees’ approval as a critical factor in your decision.

Making commuting cumbersome and expensive may push your employees to seek employment elsewhere. Therefore, ensure to choose a location with access to prominent freeways like I-5 and other interchanges with proximity to public transportation in Del mar like the Solana Beach station.

3. Is the Location Convenient for Your Clients?

Apart from an employee-friendly location, you also want your office to be accessible to clients. Even in the age of video conferencing, Skype and Zoom, you might have physical meetings with clients. Therefore, choose a location in Del Mar near the San Diego airport for easy traveling and opt for attractive office space by the seaside to create an indelible first impression on visiting clients.

Te guardo de entre los favoritos

4. What About Other Nearby Conveniences?

Renting an office space in Del Mar conveniently located near restaurants, stores, banks, daycare, and other necessary amenities is also essential. This will make it convenient for employees to avoid expensive travel around the town of Del mar when everything they want is nearby.

5. Does the Office Space Resonate with Your Brand Identity?

Your office space is more than a collection of cubicles, meeting rooms, and the actual workspace. It will also serve as your brand identity. Del mar being a vibrant beach community, should reflect the same appeal in your office. Instead of an outdated building with tight interiors, it’s best to opt for a modern Del mar office space with creative specifications that will add an instant charm to your brand’s identity in Del mar.

6. Is There an Abundant Parking Space Available?

People in Del Mar have an average commute time of 19.8 minutes, and they commute mostly by car. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the amount of parking space available at your proposed office space. The office location you choose in Del mar should provide a parking lot with enough spaces for employees to park in designated areas. Besides, consider whether it has charging stations for electric cars and other added perks to add value to your employees.

7. What is the Lease and Rental Rate?

The median property value in Del mar is $200,000, and the average office lease rate in Del Mar is $4.26 per square foot, which is probably one of the highest lease rates in San Diego. Once you are satisfied with the office space’s facilities and features, negotiate the rental rates with the lease provider and ensure that there are no hidden charges.

Since real estate is rebounding in California, it can translate to higher rates as you renew each year. Therefore it’s recommended to settle for competitive rental rates and try to fix capping against increases at the time of renewal before you sign the dotted line.

The above questions will help you make the right decision to pick the perfect office location in the seaside town of Del Mar. Choose the ideal Del Mar Office Space for your business that synergizes with your employees, clients, and the company’s needs, values and culture.