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Quick Checklist For Tenants To Read When They Are Moving Out Of A Place!

 Quick Checklist For Tenants To Read When They Are Moving Out Of A Place!

Moving homes can simultaneously be an exciting and a tough task for the tenants. On one hand, you are happy for the new interior space and fresh surroundings; yet on the other, you are also concerned about leaving the old place and neighbourhood, and do all the task of packing and unpacking again for days to come! This can be state of utter confusion for you! There can be emotional and physical stress on you because of the constant work when you are packing/unpacking the stuff and loading and unloading them; and also keep a strict watch so as to abide by the terms and conditions both at the new place when moving in, and at the old place when moving out!

More than 50% disputes occur between the tenants and the landlords because of not meeting the proper terms and conditions at the time of leaving a place. That is why when you are leaving a property, it is essential to take a look at all the criteria listed there personally, and only then handover the key back to the landlord. Whether it is keeping a record of the important documents of the place or carrying end of tenancy cleaning in Christchurch, you have to follow all the rules when you are leaving an old home. Failing which, there can even be legal consequences to face.

Always check these pointers before handing over the key to the landlord!

 There can be a huge list of tasks to complete before leaving the old place. If you plan everything in advance, you can pass this phase easily and finish everything without much ado. This includes calling for removalists to help you pack your stuff and get it shifted to your new destination. You should also make it a point to carry out the moving process at least a week before the contract ends, so that you can come back and survey the place properly before handing it over again. There are more such important tasks to be checked before moving out. Read them below:

  • Repair work done — If there’s a dysfunctional socket, messed up wall or peeling wallpaper, and if these wear and tear happened during the period of your stay, make sure you repair everything, and handover the place exactly in the condition it was presented to you. 
  • Depersonalise the place — Did you come in and put up that personalized name plate on the door or installed an extra chandelier in the living room? It was ok, when you lived in there; but now you have to leave the place, and depersonalization is essential at this point. Make sure all the factors that scream that it has been your home should be taken off. 
  • The house is sparkling clean — The one basic rule in you contract and under moral standards is to handover a clean properly. You have to contact professional cleaners in Christchurch like Christchurch Cleaning Services to carry out perfect and thorough end of the tenancy cleaning in the house before you leave. 

  Quick Checklist For Tenants To Read When They Are Moving Out Of A Place!

  • Remove your mailbox — Did you change your address everywhere? Inform the postal department too about your move. Make sure even your acquaintances are informed about your change of address. 
  • Pending bills paid — Your utility bills till you used them are your responsibility. Ensure paying them on time so that the same isn’t presented to you in an uncomfortable manner later (not to mention the added late payment penalties!).  
  • Don’t leave your clutter behind — If you just took all your essential and useful stuff and left the residues lying in the place, you have got a mammoth task! Make sure this waste is disposed, and doesn’t stay back at the place causing trouble to others. If your landlord has to clean your mess, s/he has the right to charge you for the same. 
  • Appliances and furniture are working and clean — If you hired the place with appliances and furniture in it, never leave those in a bad state. Leave them as they were presented to you, and if there’s any issue in any of them, repair it! 
  • Sign the end of tenancy contract — When you handover the keys to the landlord, make it a point to let them survey the whole space. Ensure you both sign the end of tenancy contract, which says — the home was presented in intact condition back to the owner. 
  • Collect your deposit on time — If you had some amount deposited with your landlord as security, collect it on time (preferably when you sign the end of lease contract) to avoid any kind of issues later. 

Ending a tenancy period and starting a new one means your whole world gets upside down for a while. It is therefore natural to forget a lot of things. But if you take a look into these pointers, we are sure you wouldn’t be forgetting anything, and your moving out would be quite pleasant and easy!