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Quick Landscaping Projects You Can Take Up Right Away

Exterior of a house with dedicated green areas

The term landscaping projects can sound expensive and complicated to most people. If you have a boring backyard that needs a serious makeover, then you can consider looking at some quick projects which don’t require much effort or skill.

These ideas won’t break the bank and can be accomplished with things you already have at home.

Simple things like hanging some lights, introducing a stone pathway, or planting some flowers can really freshen up your outdoor space and give it a new look.

Flower Beds

Setting up your own flower beds is an easy landscaping idea you can try with a little effort and lots of soil!

They might look difficult to achieve but with proper preparation, you can achieve a beautiful look that suits your outdoor space. There are endless options to work with, you just need to get creative.

First, you should analyze your backyard to see which spot is most suited for placing flower beds. Depending upon whether the kind of flowers you pick need a lot of sunlight you should place them in a sunny or shady spot accordingly.

Clear rocks and debris from the spot before planting the flowers.

If you don’t want to dig out the earth, you can try raised flower beds using wood boards or get pre-arranged flower bed kits which can be put together without much effort.

Mulch Walkways

Mulch is one of the cheapest materials you can use for a backyard walkway and it is also easy to work with compared to other materials.

After measuring the size and shape of your pathway, dig out the turf and line the sides with plastic edging. Add a base material like crushed stones to enable drainage and then fill with shredded mulch.

Refrain from using mulch for your pathways if they are usually water-logged.

 Tree-lined entrance of a house

Vertical Gardening

If you want to try something different yet cheap, consider installing a vertical garden wall.

This is one of the best ways to make use of any limited space you have outdoors.

You can set up a vertical wall or wooden ladder with pots. If you don’t have pots you can look at cheap alternative options like old paint cans and water bottles.


Fencing is a budget landscaping edging idea you can try for your home or property.

If you can’t afford wooden pickets or stakes you can get PVC fencing which is much cheaper.

This a great option for adding a little more character to your home or for simply making your property look more organized. 

Building or Refurbishing Lawn Furniture

Building your own furniture is cheaper than you think. It’s also one of the most creative things you can do for your backyard.

If you have wooden pallets lying around you can construct furniture for your backyard and add cushions to dress it up.

Alternatively, a little paint or wood stain freshen up your old garden furniture around the house.

This is also a great idea if you have a plain patio that desperately needs some dressing up.

Utilize Lights

Using lights in your outdoor space is probably another easy way to elevate its look. 

You can find plenty of budget-friendly landscaping lights including path lights, spotlights and fairy lights. 

They don’t contribute much to your electricity bill plus you can turn them off when necessary.

A lot of these lights have a weather-resistant construction so you don’t have to worry about placing them outdoors.


You can combine the above ideas and make it a whole renovation project for your backyard or outdoor space. Once you get started, many great ideas will start flowing.

Now, won’t you agree that making a beautiful outdoor space for your home is hardly an expensive affair?