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Ray 3D-printed ring by Filippo Mambretti for .bijouets


The sunburst pattern radiates outwards in the endless geometric perfection of the circle. At some points it is thin, almost imperceptible; at others, bold and bright. This is Ray, the new piece of 3D-printed jewelry designed by Filippo Mambretti for .bijouets. Ray is a ring with powerful dramatic impact. The sunburst motif evokes the stark yet aerodynamic shapes of American Art Deco. But there is contemporary inspiration too: artist Uros Mihic’s spiky origami.


Ray is designed like an Art Deco sculpture: rounded curves softening the abstraction of the geometric shapes. “I’ve reinterpreted this early 20th-century style,” explains the designer. “Ray is a fusion. It is designed as a whole, with stark but free-flowing lines, geometricized shapes in harmony .”Art Deco originated in France, where it provided the keynote theme of the International Exposition in 1925. To this day the style is a point of reference for fashion and design. That’s why Ray’s spreading silhouette embodies a present-day inspiration too.


Uros Mihic is an indefatigable creator of origami of extreme elegance. His paper sculptures transform pages of old books into sunburst patterns of ultra-thin rays. The effect is almost hypnotic. 

The material is 100 percent sintered nylon, available in black, bright blue, wine red and teal. Ray rings are on sale at the .bijouets online store with a price of € 29.

Ring will be shown at WHITE, a trade show which take place from 28th February to 2nd March at the INSIDE area at Via Tortona 54, during the Milan Fashion Week A/W 2015-2016.


all images courtesy of .bijouets