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Real Estate Tools to Save Time and Money

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Real estate agents work in a dynamic housing market, which means they must constantly innovate and adapt to keep up with its high development pace. Many agents spend countless hours analyzing market data, researching buyers, creating offers, negotiating prices, and closing deals, explains TrueNest Management company. So, to help you move forward as you develop your brand, we’ve put together some of the best tools you can add to your repertoire to save your time and money. Here are some handy solutions which can make your day-to-day processes easier.

Market Watch

Market Watch is a free online market tool that tracks and compares home listings in one place. This tool makes a pool of results based on various criteria with a listing-by-listing summary. Besides, you can filter the results by price, square footage, and condition. Also, there is a feature to search listings by price and date. This will give you a list of homes that are available for a price that you defined. Thus, if you look for options within the $1 million and $1.5 million price range on the current day, you’ll see a list of homes available during the last 48 hours. Unfortunately, there is no rent estimating tool with the Market Watch. 

Ofirio Rent Estimator

If you are constantly checking new homes or thinking about how to ensure a successful customer journey which ends with a lucrative deal, you can always try the Ofirio Rent Estimator, which will help to market your services professionally and efficiently. If your customer is interested in renting out an apartment or a house, the Rent Estimator helps to calculate the payback period and the accurate price for rent. Having specified the address, living area size, number of beds and bathrooms, as well as look back period, you will be able to get the following data:

  • the estimated rent price;
  • the closest comparable properties;
  • fresh rental market statistics;
  • the rent trends by bedroomcount;
  • popular amenities, etc.

This rent calculator can guide you to the typical rent your customers can expect from the property they are buying to rent out. Besides, this is an excellent tool for real estate agents who want to upgrade their strategy but need help getting started.

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Zillow has a free tool for real estate agents called the Zestimate. This tool provides you with the estimated value of your home based on different factors, including its neighborhood and recent sales. Thus, you can use Zillow to price your home competitively in your market. If you want to get a quick value for your home, you can look for homes in the same neighborhood and receive a Zestimate of them. Of course, the price you get for your home will depend on a few factors, but if you’re an experienced agent, you’ll know the factors that influence the value of a home and how to turn them into beneficial ones.


SellFast is a free tool that gives you more access to home listings and shows you the activity of each listing. For example, if you’re looking for a listing that has been active and available for several days, you can use the Home Search to see if the listing is for sale today. Apart from that, SellFast will show you the price range and price of the property, as well as the period when the listing has been active. 


When it comes to managing and selling your home, sometimes the simplest products are the best. RealtyTime is an excellent real estate software tool. With RealtyTime, you can organize your property listings, and it will generate an entire report detailing what other agents have listed on the MLS. Besides, it comes with other handy features, which allow you to manage the marketing of your listings, so you can keep tabs on where your active listings are on the MLS and then have your agents follow up on them.

So, with RealtyTime, you can do much more than just manage your home. It can generate a complete and comprehensive property report. The RealtyTime report includes a detailed list of all properties sold in the last 30 days and the median sales price. Additionally, RealtyTime provides a comprehensive marketing report highlighting your top 3 agents and agents within 15 miles and a list of houses for sale for every county you can choose. All this is done for every listed home in your MLS.

Have the Right Tools at Hand

In today’s competitive real estate market, software tools can help your real estate business run more smoothly, selling homes at a higher pace and maximizing your success. It’s no secret that the real estate marketing world has finally reached the point of a critical mass, and now it’s a big deal for real estate professionals to have a tool that works for them. The real estate software tool doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated in use, but it should help you save time and money and keep you organized regarding listing homes, managing properties, or finding the right options.