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Redesigning Your Guest Bedroom

Redesigning Your Guest Bedroom

When you’ve got your own home, part of the fun is getting to design all elements of it. But there’s an additional element that wants to be able to show off to your friends and family. There’s no better way to do this than by having the perfect guest bedroom for them to stay in. Check out some of these great tips on restyling your guest room!

Keep it Restful

As you’re going to be entertaining a guest, one of the most important features to your guest room should be that it provides a restful atmosphere. Guests are coming to visit and sightsee, so you don’t want to exhaust them before they’ve left their room. Keep it simple, possibly using darker, soothing shades. Take inspiration from Belmont Village senior living and what older guests might prefer too.

Furnishing the Room

If you have space, then you should make sure to make the room feel like a bedroom. That means not just putting a bed in there. One of the best things you can add to a guest room is a chair as it provides an additional place to relax. If there’s space, a small table can also be great, giving your guest a full place to retreat.

Keep the Same Style

Though you might want to go crazy with your redesign, we do recommend that you keep your guest room matching the style of your house as a whole. While you can choose an alternative color palette, try and make sure that it at least fits with the rest of the house. This will add cohesion and flow throughout the living space and keep your guests impressed.

Homey Is Best!

You might be aiming for a high-end bedroom, reminiscent of a luxury hotel, but at the end of the day, cozy is best. Most of your guests are coming to relax, so providing them with a comfortable place to stay is the best option. Add in a throw on the bed, cushions on the chairs, cute photos or pictures, and provide fluffy towels.

 Redesigning Your Guest Bedroom

Don’t Pack it Full

Now that you’ve set up the room, it’s important not to go overboard. For instance, making a room cozy and homey doesn’t mean packing it full of fluffy plush animals. Don’t overload the walls with pictures, nor should you fill any shelf space with Nik-naks. Instead, keep the room simple and uncluttered to provide space for your guest to unpack and unwind.

Ambient Lighting

The bedroom’s lighting can make or break the relaxing atmosphere you are trying to create. By using different light layers, you can come up with some intricate lighting patterns that enhance the look, feel, and comfort of the guest bedroom.

Pendant and mini-chandeliers are great for creating a sophisticated look above each nightstand. These lighting options are also great because they stay out of the way. If you do not want to use any suspended lights, simple table lamps work just as well. 

Other ambient lighting options to consider include floor lamps that reflect off the ceiling, overhead lights as well as reading lamps on each side of the bed.

Add some luxuries

A few luxury items that make things easier for your guests can help make the bedroom better. For example, if you have a TV in the guest bedroom, you could provide wireless headsets so they get to watch whatever they want without waking anyone else up.

A comfortable seat or a few chairs is also a great idea to give your guests somewhere to sit if they would like to read or do their makeup. For warmer months, you can include an oscillating fan and a ceramic space heater for the colder months. If you like, you can also add a few tissue boxes on the nightstands and a few decorative trash cans close to the bed or door.

Adding a couch can add a homely touch while giving your guests additional sitting space. If you can add a couch that helps tie the bedroom together, that would be even better. 

 Redesigning Your Guest Bedroom

Symmetry is important

If you have two beds in the guest bedroom, try to keep things symmetrical. Keeping things symmetrical helps reduce visual clutter, makes it easier to move around the bedroom, and also use pieces of furniture between the beds so you get to use less furniture.

When redesigning the guest bedroom, it is important to design it for the types of guests you will typically be getting. For example, your design will be radically different if you expect more couples than single guests.

Add Live Plants

Live plants add some color to a bedroom and help brighten it. There are lots of plants you can consider depending on where you live, but since this is a guest bedroom, consider those that do not need too much care. Also, don’t forget to leave some space and vases for fresh flowers. Fresh flowers will help complement the live plants you have in the bedroom and can be added right before the guests arrive so they can be greeted by the sweet scent of fresh flowers as they settle in. 

Add Functional Storage

Your guests will need to stow their items away to keep the bedroom organized. Adding functional storage makes it easier for them to do so. The good news here is that there are numerous options you can choose from, including adding extra-long bedside storage or under-bed storage boxes.

Help Them Relax

As we’ve said throughout this article, the aim here is to make them relax. The final point to raise is the bed itself. This should be comfortable and contain good pillows, blankets, and duvets designed to provide that comfort when your guest sleeps. Of course, you will need to change up your bedding depending on the season or the climate of where you live.

Duvets are all well and good when it’s cold, but if you live in a hot country or it’s summertime, you need to make sure there are options for those who want to be cooler. A fan can be a good idea. Make sure the window can open easily, and potentially provide lighter weight bed covers for those that still like to sleep under something.