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Rejuvenate Your Lifestyle By Adding A Courtyard In Your Home!

Rejuvenate Your Lifestyle By Adding A Courtyard In Your Home!

Have you got a vast spacious home that you’re considering to renovate? Or have you just acquired a huge plot of land where you are planning to build your dream house? Are you counting on the rooms that you’ll be able to build in that space? Well, we suggest you consider adding a touch of classical beauty to your dream home! Give a thought to beautify your place by adding a natural element to it, a courtyard! 

Courtyards have been serving as an indoor open space since years!  Primitively, every home, whether compact or large, always had a section dedicated to courtyards in it. But at some point in time, this tradition faded away. But with the increase in awareness of multiple benefits of Landscaping in Sydney, people have accepted the idea of building courtyards in their homes once again.

 Rejuvenate Your Lifestyle By Adding A Courtyard In Your Home!

Advantages of including a courtyard in your home

Though most of the country houses still have these courtyards included in their spaces, but if you are a city dweller, you must add it to your home for sure. There are numerous services providing excellent ideas for Courtyard Design in Sydney. Stone Lotus Landscapes is one such landscaping designer firm offering beautiful and creative designs for your courtyards which would be best suitable and beneficial for your home. They are an expert in adding a touch of natural essence to your urban living through this natural factor. Now for the need of having a courtyard at home, check these:

  • Natural sunshine — A courtyard is basically an open space mostly built in the middle of the house without any ceilings. This gives a way to natural sunlight to enter the space. If you want to get your daily dose of vitamin D, well, this courtyard is a must for you!
  • Fresh air — Who doesn’t love to breathe in fresh air? And especially if you reside in a 90% polluted metropolitan city, it would be bliss for you. These courtyards provide a supply of fresh air amidst your home 24/7. Thus, a pleasant break from the artificial coolers and heaters can be achieved.
  • Cool temperature — Your homes would be totally relied upon air conditioners if proper ventilation is not provided. These courtyards provide a cooling effect to your home. You can relish the natural weather every now and then when you feel like giving the machines a rest.
  • Saves in utility bills— Yes you read it right! Courtyard can actually reduce your utility bills. When there’s enough sunlight within the home, the rooms facing the place would definitely not need much electrical lighting during the day. The same goes with fresh air. If your rooms open in a courtyard, you also can enjoy the breeze and thus the need to switch on electrical appliances for the same isn’t needed.


  • Healthy breathing—These courtyards are especially curated by landscape designers. The landscape designing is dedicated to increasing the green revolution in the world. Thus, planting trees is its basic criteria. These plants not only beautify your home, but also give you all the benefits that a tree imparts — for example, fresh oxygen, cool breeze, natural ambience, etc.
  • Guest entertaining hub—A courtyard served as an informal space to entertain guests since ages. No wonder we are following the footsteps of our great grandfathers. 
  • Room separator — The courtyard space gives your rooms some break from each other and also beholds the privacy of the dwellers. With the courtyard section in between, voices don’t clash much, nor do the occupants!
  • A connector as well — Though it separates the rooms for good, it also acts as a connector of these spaces. A common central section at which each of the rooms opens is an interesting architectural element for sure.
  • Beauty to look at — Nature is beautiful and attractive. Most of the courtyards are designed in such a way that they attract the gazers with its natural charm. These courtyards act as a serene place to enjoy nature and its benefits even in the middle of your home.

These factors sum up as to how courtyards can rejuvenate your lifestyles and can add a fresh, natural factor to your homes!