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Replacing Garage Door Torsion Spring DIY

Replacing Garage Door Torsion Spring DIY

Torsion springs are an intricate part of any garage door. These are the mechanisms that lift the weight of the large heavy door so that it is able to open manually or remotely opened. A lot of stresses are placed on torsion springs and they wear out over the span of several years. Its up to the homeowner to be aware of them and replace them in order to avoid other costly repairs or inconveniences down the line.

Depending on how handy you are with tools will determine whether you can do this yourself or be forced to hire a handyman to do it for you.

Even if you attempt to tackle this project by yourself you should have a partner nearby to assist you or in case something starts to go wrong.

Before you begin this project you need to first find the right torsion spring that will fit on your specific garage. Getting the correct size can be challenging. The length, wire size and winding diameter need to be considered so that the garage has just the right amount of torque. The torsion spring you are using also needs to be able to handle the entire weight of the garage door its helping lift. It can quickly turn into a dangerous situation if it cannot. There have been cases where the torsion spring buckled under the weight, popped and hit someone in the head. Some of these cases have been lethal.

Additionally, you need to replace both torsion springs. One side of the garage being equipped with a new torsion spring and the other having an older one will not work well. You want both springs to have an equal amount of wear on them.

To get the best price you need to shop around. Different home improvement stores will have different sales throughout the year. If you cannot find the spring you need at a local store then you can start looking online. Make sure you have accurate measurements though! There is nothing more frustrating than ordering garage door opener parts, receiving the wrong ones, returning them and having to wait another week for the replacement to arrive.

 Replacing Garage Door Torsion Spring DIY

When replacing the torsion spring you need to also check the cables, ropes and pulleys. These are intricate parts of a garage door as well and are responsible as well for raising and lowering the door. Inspecting them and fixing problems before they start is the cheapest way to go.

Take a look at the door. Thoroughly check it for stress and premature wear. Make sure it is level when it is opening and closing. Tighten screws that seem to be loose and inspect the insulation.

Look at the rails. Are they firmly affixed so the garage door pulleys do not have to work extra hard to do their job? You want your garage door to open and lower in a very smooth fashion and this is only possible by good torsion springs being able to pull the weight and lower the weight on the door.

On a final note make sure you have all the tools and equipment you need to do a good job. Place them in an area that is accessible for you. Double check your work to make sure everything is in place. With a little patience and precision you can replace your own garage door torsion spring yourself and save money in the process. For the avid DIY person it can actually be fun. But know your limitations. You do not want to put the people you love and yourself at risk in an attempt to save a couple bucks on professional garage door serviceman coming out – Canadian Garage Door Repair Calgary Can Repair any type of overhead and Garage door Springs around Calgary, AB.