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Reshape Your Garden With These Top DIY Tips

Reshape Your Garden With These Top DIY Tips

cottonbro from Pexels

Are you looking to start a new garden project at home this Spring/Summer season? In case you do and are lacking some inspiration we’ve compiled a list of ultimate things to start working on! Grab your shoes and tools and start right over!

Wooden Pallet Outdoor Furniture

Wooden pallets are cheap and easy to use for any garden furniture project. If you don’t know where to find them just ask your local stores, couriers, moving companies or removalists they will surely have some unused ones hanging around the corner. The good thing about wooden pallets is that you already get a large chunk of stable structure by simply placing just a few of them together. Make sure to sand them down, repaint and varnish and place some nice, soft cushionings on top to make them look and feel nice and clean.

Let your creativity flourish and create something unique like a whole dining area or a bench or an outdoor sofa. Do not restrict yourself to any standards and add a ton of cushions to make it your new favourite place to hang out at. It doesn’t need to be outdoor furniture only – be brave and create something for indoors too!

Swinging Bench in your Back Garden

If you have a front porch wouldn’t it be nice to have a swinging bench there you’ve always dreamt about? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a front porch but such a swing can be placed just about anywhere. Have kids? Why not surprise them with a really cool swing hanging off a tree in your back garden. Paint it with your favourite colours or draw your kids’ beloved characters to make it even more fun.

Swinging Bed at the Front Porch

If you’d like to upgrade your initial swing idea to something bigger and most definitely more comfortable – go a step further and create a swinging bed. Just imagine warm summer nights or those lazy weekend days spent well on such a comfy and dreamy bed.

 Reshape Your Garden With These Top DIY Tips

Hammock Chair to Relax

Hammock is another relatively easy and cool addition to your home. Whenever you’re feeling tired or just want to find a quiet, relaxing corner for a nap or to read a book, a hammock will be your first choice from now on. They now come pre-packed and ready to be assembled and in a vast array of styles, colours and shapes!

Water Fountain for Style and Aesthetics

Water fountain is one of the biggest aesthetic improvements you can easily add to your garden. Fountains vary in size and can be something small and delicate to add into a corner, or something much bigger where you’ll need to hire tradesmen and it’s not always easy to find a cheap removalist, crane and a plumber. So do not over do it and opt in for a medium sized fountain that will suit most gardens and provide a relaxing yet stylish atmosphere.

Fairy Garden for Little Ones

If you have children and want them to spend more time outside why not create a beautiful fairy garden for them to play in. It’s a brand new craze in the garden world, where you create a beautiful corner looking like a habitat for those little winged friends to live in. You can also involve your kids into the creation of this entire new world and excite their imagination even before it’s finished. The secret sauce? Make little changes now and then when your children don’t see and you’ll keep their dreams alive!

Don’t forget if you have something big to move, Wisemove is always here to help!