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Wuji Studio Creates Reflective Illusionistic Ceiling Within Rêver Restaurant In China

Patrick Wu

Wuji Studio has designed Rêver, a modern French cuisine restaurant located on the South Bank of the Pearl River in Guangzhou, China. Rêver, which means “dream” in French, resembles the word “River” in spelling, while its Chinese name, 玥means a sacred pearl in the sky. The seemingly simple name embodies the dream of Rêver’s team to tribute to the celebrated Pearl River of South China, which over the millennia has nurtured a vast range of superb ingredients, and inspired the exquisitely delicate Canton cuisine.

 Rêver Restaurant, Guangzhou, China / Wuji Studio

Perfectly set on the south bank of the Pearl River, Rêver is a mere stone’s throw from the lively Tianhe District, and overlooks the most dynamic view in the city. Featuring a modern, fashionable and minimal interior, the restaurant is full of cozy details that are designed to echo with its inspiration, the Pearl River. The arrangement of seating at different levels, like terraced fields along the river allows all guests to enjoy a 180-degree view over the river and the truly vibrant Guangzhou skyline.

 Rêver Restaurant, Guangzhou, China / Wuji Studio

The color palette of the restaurant is inspired by the river’s changing shades of color during the course of a day, creating a tranquil and soothing ambiance, while the white marble floor forms a natural pattern that resembles the movement of water in the river. In addition, the reflection on the ceiling translates into a river that connects with the sky, creating an intriguing echo with the Tianhe (sky river) district just outside the window. Furniture, is in pair with the space by using simple frame of bent beechwood with hints of restaurant color, aligning with the interior design and maximizing the visual experience toward the space and view.

 Rêver Restaurant, Guangzhou, China / Wuji Studio

Rêver believes that every dish is a unique piece of multi-sensual culinary art, through sight – the exquisite plating, taste – the combination of flavors, smell – the mouth-watering scent of food, and touch – the texture of every single ingredient. To curate an exceptional dining experience, the design is deeply inspired by the guided tours so popular in major museums and art galleries, and expects use these “art pieces” to interact and communicate with guests, allowing them to see beyond the dishes, and create a truly unforgettable experience. 

 Rêver Restaurant, Guangzhou, China / Wuji Studio

Featuring an open kitchen, which the restaurant regards as an “Atelier”, Rêver allows guests to witness the creation of “art pieces”, with the service team acting as tour guides, sharing the stories behind each mouthwatering masterpiece as well as the story behind the selection and matching of ingredients. Guests may even have the opportunity of a chef-led kitchen visit, to exchange their experience of appreciating these works of art. The stories will also be shared on the restaurant’s website and social media platforms as an exchange of ideas with food lovers all around the world.

  Rêver Restaurant, Guangzhou, China / Wuji Studio Rêver Restaurant, Guangzhou, China / Wuji Studio Rêver Restaurant, Guangzhou, China / Wuji Studio

Image courtesy of Patrick Wu