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Closer look at the 500HP Rezvani Beast Alpha


California supercar builders Rezvani recently unveiled its new Beast Alpha at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. Designed to provide the ultimate, unfiltered driving experience, the Beast Alpha is builds on the success laid out by the open-top, 500-horsepower Beast that was unveiled in 2015.

“We’ve upped the ante with the new Beast Alpha,” said CEO Ferris Rezvani. “After the success of the Beast, we knew that customers wanted even more. Designed to stir emotions, the Beast Alpha is that car… and then some, delivering a pure driving experience unparalleled in the market.”

Under the direction of CEO Ferris Rezvani, Samir Sadikhov’s award-winning design style evolves to include the hard top Beast Alpha, which integrates the aggressive, streamlined approach used previously on a new, more mainstream vehicle in the Alpha.


New features like a removable targa-style top and patented SideWinder doors are the centerpiece of the sports car. Up front, an aggressive fascia signifies the Beast Alpha’s on-road presence and allows air to travel naturally over the body. Side vents provide cooling to the engine bay, while a signature rear design pairs with a central exhaust port and dual overhead vents on the rear hatch.

The entire body is constructed out of carbon fiber, built around a Lotus-derived aluminum monocoque, and features custom 18-inch forged alloy wheels (19-inch forged alloy wheels optional).


The interior of the Beast Alpha was developed with one thing in mind: the driver. A performance-focused layout provides an experience unlike any other. Alcantara and leather fitments provide more comfort while in the cabin, while a sporty steering wheel and a custom shift knob seamlessly connect the driver to the road. Amenities like air conditioning, airbags, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto tame the Beast Alpha, but only slightly.


At its core sits a 500-horsepower racing engine built locally by the Rezvani Motors team. Engineers start with a base Acura K24 block that is rebuilt from top to bottom specifically for Beast Alpha. Just 2.56 pounds per horsepower are achieved, allowing for a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds when equipped with the optional sequential automatic gearbox, and 3.4 seconds when equipped with the standard six-speed manual. Top speed is 175 mph.

Drivers are also able to choose from a range of adjustable power settings that enhance performance characteristics like throttle response and handling, with the ability to limit or remove traction control when in a track setting. These settings also allow for alternative eco-friendly fuel choices.


With a starting price of $200,000 USD, the Beast Alpha provides a sports cars experience unlike any other. Hand built in Irvine, California, by a team of specialists, Rezvani works with customers in development of each vehicle, allowing buyers to personalize the car, distinguishing it and themselves from the crowd. The 2017 Rezvani Beast Alpha is now available for order.

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all images courtesy of Rezvani