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Riba bar by SuperLimão Studio, Rio de Janeiro

Designed by São Paulo-based SuperLimão Studio, the Riba bar opens its doors in Rio de Janeiro with the aim to bring together the pleasure of “botecar” with a handmade menu, combined with a relaxed atmosphere in one of the most charming corners of Leblon, in the south of the city.

To design Riba, an Italian and businessman, Arturo Isola, the owner, was looking for an architect who was aligned with his ideas and therefore he invited SuperLimão Studio to give life to the new space. The SuperLimão Studio brought two teams to join and materialize the ideas: André Piva, as a local architect, and Laika Design, responsible for creating the brand and the entire visual identity of Riba.


Small in size and rich in details, the project tried to integrate internal and external areas. Free of doors, the floor of the sidewalk makes the bar appropriate the corner and the sidewalk appropriate the bar. The peeling walls reveal the structure of the building with its concrete porch, framing and enhancing the heart of Riba: the kitchen and the counter.

In contrast with the rusticity and sobriety of the concrete, the walls and the counter were coated with the more traditional material of the ‘dirty bars’ from Rio: the tile. For this, it was called Studio Lurca, who mapped all the plans to create a large horizontal panel that runs the bar as a great splash of colors, enhancing the corner where Riba is located.


The counter purposely placed in the corner with its large glass window has the most modern system cooling, which ensures that the craft chopps are always served at the perfect temperature. With a wide variety of tables, desks and benches, all the furniture was designed to cultivate the chat with friends. Details for foreign benches, as well as the bike rack, fulfill a dual function, closing the bar at night. In the bathrooms there are no limits between wall, ceiling, doors. The tiles invade the entire space, which emphasized by lights and mirrors make the visit a real journey.

To gather friends, philosophizing about life on Sunday after beach or to comment the yesterday’s game, Riba begins with the air of a place that has always been there and always where we want to be.


images by Maíra Acayaba / Anna Fischer