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Rocksalt Bistro & Winebar Malta by Studio Daaa Haus


Opened in 2015 in Silema, Malta, the Rocksalt Bistro & Winebar designed by local practice Studio Daaa Haus is a new meeting place for those who loves good wine, traditional food and fine cuisine. A 165 sqm. space which include a bar area, a shop and living spaces furnished with table and chairs. The interiors are decorated in a minimalist style with clean lines and dark tones, features that are reflected in the seats and table selected from the collection of the Italian company Pedrali.

The Babilia and Volt stools, the Tivoli chairs and Stylus tables are perfectly integrated in the bistro innovative concept, creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Signature light pieces highlight the bar area, giving focus to the wide range of wines and gourmet food.

 3-rocksalt-bistro-winebar-malta-by-studio-daaa-haus 4-rocksalt-bistro-winebar-malta-by-studio-daaa-haus 2-rocksalt-bistro-winebar-malta-by-studio-daaa-haus 5-rocksalt-bistro-winebar-malta-by-studio-daaa-haus 6-rocksalt-bistro-winebar-malta-by-studio-daaa-haus 7-rocksalt-bistro-winebar-malta-by-studio-daaa-haus 8-rocksalt-bistro-winebar-malta-by-studio-daaa-haus 9-rocksalt-bistro-winebar-malta-by-studio-daaa-haus 11-rocksalt-bistro-winebar-malta-by-studio-daaa-haus 10-rocksalt-bistro-winebar-malta-by-studio-daaa-haus

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