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Ruco Line Flagship Store in Rome by Jean Nouvel

Italian brand Ruco Line unveiled its new flagship store in Rome’s luxurious shopping district on Via del Babuino, signed by archistar Jean Nouvel. The concept of this flagship store reflects the essential, elemental, linear designs, which represent the bedrock of Jean Nouvel’s creative philosophy. The underlying idea is to reveal the unusual characteristics of the building which accommodates the sales point, by highlighting its distinctive features and ensuring they are preserved.

Nouvel’s work alternates steel and plasterboard to emphasise and magnify the spaces and create the perfect scenario for the footwear. The models are displayed within picture frames to appear the true protagonists of the space, enhanced individually by the lighting effects and the pure white floor and walls, as though in an art gallery.

 2-ruco-line-flagship-store-in-rome-by-jean-nouvel 3-ruco-line-flagship-store-in-rome-by-jean-nouvel 4-ruco-line-flagship-store-in-rome-by-jean-nouvel 5-ruco-line-flagship-store-in-rome-by-jean-nouvel

all images courtesy of RUCO LINE