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Ruetemple adds Playhouse within a Bedroom in Moscow Summer House


Russian architecture studio Ruetemple was asked to add a play area above a bedroom inside this summer house in Russia.

“The family comes to their summer house for the weekend and, like all working people, they dream of having a good sleep on Saturday and Sunday after a hard week in town,” said the architects. “But all the children are early birds. They wake their parents up early in the morning.”


“Of course, greeting the morning in the company of one’s kids is very nice, but we decided to suggest an unusual option, when everybody will be together without disturbing each other and everybody will be happy,” they added.


The parents are sleeping, the children  run in, but instead of jumping over their mom and dad’s heads or watching cartoons, their attention  and  cheerful morning energy is turned to other  opportunities: they are lured by a staircase leading up to two top levels  and a small playhouse, where they can enjoy playing while giving their parents extra 30 minutes of nap!

 ruetemple-adds-playhouse-within-a-bedroom-in-russian-summer-house-4 ruetemple-adds-playhouse-within-a-bedroom-in-russian-summer-house-5 ruetemple-adds-playhouse-within-a-bedroom-in-russian-summer-house-6 ruetemple-adds-playhouse-within-a-bedroom-in-russian-summer-house-7

all images courtesy of Ruetemple