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Sadler’s Yard Christmas Tree by Hello Wood

Rob Evans

As part of The Pilcrow Project in Manchester, Hello Wood was commissioned to build an 11-metre-tall tree on Sadler’s Yard. The 100% of the building materials for the project will be recycled to build the Pilcrow Pub’s workshop space, becoming work benches, furniture, flooring, wall coverings, and traditional pub games. The Pilcrow Pub, which itself will be a temporary structure, has been designed to move around the NOMA neighbourhood as it develops, and is expected to fast become a local attraction and topic of conversation, giving people the chance to take part in the building process and learn new skills.


A series of free-to-attend workshops will encourage groups of volunteers to spend time learning a new skill by constructing part of the pub themselves. The branches of the Christmas Tree are spiral-like and built on a basic structure, using pine and oak, in a variety of sizes and cross sections in order to provide the maximum number of possibilities for future use. The installation—which includes approximately 8m3 of wood and 4.5 tonnes of metal plates—took three weeks to prepare in Hungary, and five days to construct in Manchester.



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all images © Rob Evans | video courtesy of Hello Wood