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Salesforce Dynamics GP Integrations Create Custom Environments

Salesforce Dynamics GP Integrations Create Custom Environments

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At the start, you may have thought that getting a Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) integration was just like the platforms’ built-in configuration options. This might have seemed true in the early stages as you used both systems out-of-the-box, tinkering and tuning them along the way in order to help you get more utility from their flexible design.

But, there’s an important difference between configuration and customization: you can’t change the systems in ways that can be most effective from within. Instead, developing a customization or receiving one from a third party can actually connect systems that otherwise exclude each other, adding capabilities that are otherwise impossible to achieve through configuration.

The configuration level of operating a platform makes sense for organizations still finding their footing and starting from a jumping point, and most of the changes they need come included in the platform itself. But, especially as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics sink in and gain a deep well of data, it soon comes time to think about customization (rather than mere configuration). 

Customizations—without a third-party template—can consume significant resources, development, labor, and coding. Some experienced third-party partners can offer solutions that come ready to install, and without finding one, organizations often put off integration because of the effort and budget needed to make the improvement.

Read how to actually customize your Microsoft Dynamics GP and Salesforce systems to gain organization-wide efficiencies just waiting to be unlocked.

Customizing Microsoft Dynamics GP and Salesforce (Together)

On your own, installing a thorough, well-working integration solution for your Dynamics GP and Salesforce systems is hard, costly work. To encourage you to gain the most immediate and long-term benefits, let’s consider how you can augment your current customizations with plug-and-play integrations like those made from the cloud-based solutions offered by Rapidi. Companies can rest assured that their integration won’t compromise important customizations they’ve made. 

Connect Your Systems

The first step of integration is linking your systems with a pre-configured template that’s ready in a few days for many clients. When they have added many customizations themselves, the task of integration can become complex, adding strain to the business and forcing them to suffer time and money sinks. 

Without downtime, coding, or disruption, RapidiOnline is ready to start connecting your customized systems and logging every decided entry into each system. This creates a coordinated source of truth that meets your specifications. 

 Salesforce Dynamics GP Integrations Create Custom Environments

Keep Data Fresh

As an account is created in Salesforce another emerges in Microsoft Dynamics GP, and the same is true in reverse. With this kind of simple, yet profoundly useful, action, you’ll cut labor costs for manual data entry and ensure consistency. Your teams can then act on the most up-to-date and complete information as they make business decisions and interact with your clients.

On the one hand, sales, finance, and marketing teams are empowered by the new insight, but leadership also gains an advantage. With fresher and more precise data that they can easily access, their decisions improve. They can develop strategies that are firmly based on hard evidence and information, guiding the business itself to higher levels of success and reaching performance goals with greater ease. 

See Cross-Platform

Beyond making your data processes more efficient and reliable, integration with pre-configured templates also gives visibility. For example, Rapidi can also offer a Salesforce App Extension that helps you see ERP information and sales history with real-time speed. This helps for speeding the decision-making process as well as informing key actions during everyday tasks. 

In general, a single point of entry and source of truth means that records are transferred more securely as well. Customizing Salesforce and Dynamics GP immediately means enhanced visibility, efficiency, and accuracy, but it also opens the door to even further customizations as your business continues to scale. 

Customize Additions

Whenever your business takes a step forward, it has further needs that sometimes you can anticipate and sometimes you can’t. Ultimately, a flexible customization is a strong one, and pre-configured templates balance the need for a simple solution and one that has a nuanced fit for the organization. Tools like RapidiOnline can integrate standard and customized applications with ease. 

Choose Rapidi for Customization

Rapidi’s ready-to-go solutions for integration spell success for businesses seeking to scale with strength. With consistent support, updates, and performance, their improvements to your existing Salesforce and Dynamics GP systems can revitalize your entire organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. Explore Rapidi.