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Save Money with Solar

Close up of new building with black solar panels

Most Australian households are grappling with recent soaring living costs that are rendering everything from groceries to petrol more expensive as the days pass. Coupling these consumer prices with interest rate hikes and low wage growth, the average Australian is discovering that finding other ways to save money is becoming more imperative than ever. So, one of the first steps they take is fleshing out the most unnecessary costs and finding alternatives to what they can’t eliminate.

Mercifully, there are numerous ways to save money around the home. These measures differ in magnitude and effect, so some may have a more negligible impact than others. Therefore, your cost-cutting actions rely on your savings goals. But since every little bit adds up, it is essential to strike the right balance to avoid significantly negatively affecting your lifestyle.

Your energy bill is one of the best avenues to begin your cost revision. With gas and electricity prices skyrocketing, cutting energy usage is now more critical than ever. However, instead of scrambling to shop around for better electricity and gas deals, why not switch to solar energy? After all, the sun is the most powerful energy source on earth, providing this power free of charge.

So it may be time to consider saving money with these powerful solar products. 

Solar Installations

If you’ve been unsure about switching to solar energy, there is no time like the present to decide one way or the other. However, consider that there is no reason to pay so much for electricity when the sun provides us with more than adequate free energy with which we can power our home. Installing a solar panel roof is an excellent way to reduce your energy bills significantly. 

There are two kinds of solar panel installations. The first is a basic on-grid solar panel system that can power your home during the day but compels you to switch to grid-sourced power at night (thus only lowering rather than eliminating your utility bills).

Alternatively, you can opt for an off-grid solar panel installation. This variation relies on a solar battery to store the excess electricity your solar panels generate duringthe daytime for use once the sun sets. While this system is more costly to install, it provides more significant benefits by shrinking and eliminating your energy bills altogether.

Of course, installing a solar panel system can be prohibitively costly to some. But fortunately, the government has introduced grant and rebate schemes to help you mitigate such costs. Talk to your solar retailer to get more information about the programs available in your area.

 solar collector for high water temperature

Solar LED Skylights

You don’t have to purchase a complete solar panel installation if you are not yet ready for it. Instead, you can take advantage of various other solar products that may offer you some benefits of switching to solar energy. An example of these alternatives is solar LED skylights.

Solar LED skylights differ from traditional skylights because they feature a small storage battery that provides free light whenever needed. The solar skylight system consists of LED lights and a diffuser kit installed on your ceiling. Using a cable to connect these two components to a battery and a solar panel on the roof gives you a straightforward and economical way to cut down your power costs.

Solar Hot Water

The other solar option available is also one of the most impactful. Hot water is one of the major factors contributing to high electricity costs in modern homes. So, what if it were possible to heat all your water free of charge?

Solar hot water tanks rely on solar energy to heat the water within.Solar water heating systems comprise a solar panel (which generates the heating energy) connected to the hot water tanks. You can install the setupon your roof or the ground.

Solar Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is an oft-overlooked factor of home energy saving. Proper ventilation allows you to keep your home heating and cooling costs down. In addition, it lowers your maintenance requirements as there is less moisture accumulation in the attic/roof cavity space, thus fewer chances for mould formation.

Solar roof ventilators use solar panels to drive a small motor and fan. This mechanism relies on a roof-installed thermostat to control the roof cavity’s temperature. Typically, the setup works by activating the unit once the interior temperatures reach a certain level. Therefore, if, for example, it gets to a set temp of 30 degrees Celsius, the thermostat will activate the fan and motor to open the skylight, thus allowing ventilation.

These solar products are invaluable in helping manage higher energy costs that significantly impact your pockets. So, it may be best to seriously consider contacting your local solar installer for information about solar panels for sale and how to select the best solar panels.