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Home Safety Tips – How Screen Doors Add An Extra Dash Of Security

Home Safety Tips - How Screen Doors Add An Extra Dash Of Security

Home security is a topic of much debate. We all want to know what more we can be doing, and if our current procedures are giving us an extra dash of security. So without fitting your home with some heavy duty cameras and complex alarm system, install some stylish screen doors and take advantage of the security they afford.

You control the exposure – Screen doors can allow as much or as little light as you like. The same goes for exposure to the inside of your home. You are the sole controller of what the public see, and you are not at the mercy of a glass where anyone can see anything. With some beautiful Plantation Shutters you can control when they are open and closed, ensuring your valuables go unseen. Tilting them in the upward facing function will allow you a steady breeze, sunshine rays and all the security in the world. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your shutters will keep out prying eyes, without you feeling trapped inside.

Another barrier to access – It’s hard for most people to put themselves in the shoes of a criminal, but imagine you are and you are looking for a house to target. What do you look for? What makes up the attributes of a home that you would break into? They undoubtedly will choose a home that has limited security measures and the least amount of barriers to get them inside. Security screen doors provide another barrier to access, and are more problematic than just glass doors or windows.

Different styles – Screen doors don’t all look the same. You can choose shutters, rollers or grills for your doors depending on the design of your home and the message you want to send. Your hardier materials like the typical grill screen door are associated with security, but remember that you have the flexibility to choose shutters and rollers which can be just as effective as the grill. You can also pair the doors with a glass door adding another layer of security. Find out what is available and request samples so that you can see it in sitchu and make the call as to whether it will send the right message of security to the outside world.

 Home Safety Tips - How Screen Doors Add An Extra Dash Of Security

Open and lock from inside only – When you have your screen doors installed, you have the choice of lock placement. What does this mean? Well it means that you can open, close and lock from the inside only with no access provided from the outside. Don’t fall in the trap of cutting too many keys for these screen doors, and make it a rare occasion to open this door from the outside. So if installing some screen doors was making you nervous about introducing another entry point – rest assured that this does not have to be the case.

Keeps you open for more security measures later – Later down the track, you may want to beef up your security measures. Things change and so do our priorities. When this time comes, your screen doors can be fitted out with bars, locks and increased measures. Set the base of your new security regime now with your new screen doors, and build on them later if and when you see fit.

Start making home security a priority in your household with some new screen doors that will pack security as well as design. They have a dual purpose of making a home feel more homely, and also sends a message to the potential wronger-doers that your property is well looked after with tightened security.