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Selling Linen Material

Selling Linen Material

We went into business to do something different. Our passion was to be a fabric shop but we wanted to be more specialized than that. So, we decided that linen material was a niche that we could feel comfortable in. This is exactly how Linen Beauty came into being. We go with colorful choices and a variety of patterns. In this article, we will explore more about selling linen material and why it became our choice.

What Is Linen?

When people think about linen, they might have a few images that come to mind. For example, some people know that it is breathable. Others know that it is natural. Your mom might have told you that it’s a fabric that is worth looking out for. With any of these answers, people start to get a paradigm about what linen really is. We want people to come to your website for linen fabric from linenbeauty.com. Our fabric is 100% European flax which makes our linen premium quality. There may be other grades of linen, but we think our source turns out the lovely, durable fabric. 

What is Special About European Flax?

European Flax is actually a trademark. It is established by the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp. It shows that the linen is from high-grade European sources. The flax comes from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Northern France. The lowlands here are a coastal climate. This means that the climate is ideal for growing hearty flax. We also use renewable practices that help to create better soil for future crops. Additionally, after the long life of a product, it will biodegrade. In a world where fabric waste is a problem, buying linen fabrics can be a way to counteract this issue.

What Kinds of Patterns are There?

There is a wide variety of patterns for the linen. It’s not just boring colors. There are stripes, checks, melange, herringbone, and just the plain colors as well. The extra patterns mean that the linen can be used for diverse projects. For example, a checked pattern would make a nice tablecloth. It can work well in restaurants that focus on the color scheme for branding and coherence as well. The Herringbone makes great curtains with visual appeal.

 Selling Linen Material

Running Low on Ideas?

People who are interested in linen fabrics still need to know ways to utilize them. This is where going to a blog or a source of information about linen is pertinent. Linen Beauty has a blog that tells a lot about linens. For instance, one of the articles is on gift wrapping with linen. It is called the art of Furoshiki. Even people who are not avid sewers can find something of use in these blogs. Wrapping in linen not only looks classy but it can be a viable way to help to save the planet through paper waste. People who wrap in linen can set trends and pass on fabric that can be washed and reused to wrap future gifts. There are also plenty of sewing tips for linens in the blog as well.

The Reviews

Those from around the world have given feedback on the linen. All of the feedback that is published on the website has five-star reviews. The reviews also include the type of fabric that was purchased on the website. People who are from the UK, Europe, and the US can all access the fabric and pay in their own currencies. In the UK, there is a sale going on on natural plain linen fabric. A person can get 150 cm by 100 cm piece for just 12.99 pounds. The sale is on in the US as well for $24.99 USD for that same piece.


You should give linen fabrics a try in your repertoire. They can be useful for so much more than you even realize. Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes to the advantage of linens. It is best to get the highest quality as well because it will last the longest. You are supporting farms in Europe and creating a better world by investing in linen from Linen Beauty. It’s the perfect time to take up a hobby from sewing to gift wrapping in linens.