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SKEYE Nano Drone, The World’s Smallest Quadricopter


Dutch gadget-maker TRNDlabs has unveiled the world’s smallest quadricopter, the SKEYE Nano Drone. High thrust, low weight, and incredibly responsive controls allow users to perform amazing maneuvers with just a flick of the sticks. The SKEYE Nano Drone aggressively snaps into forward and backward flips and barrel rolls with lightning speed. The drone offers three flight modes: Beginners, for those aiming to become proficient at flight basics, Advanced, for those experienced in piloting a craft and an Expert modus. Bright, built-in LEDs make it easy to see the SKEYE Nano Drone in low-light conditions.

View the SKEYE Nano Drone in action below, and order your own here.

2-skeye-nano-drone-the-worlds-smallest-quadricopter 3-skeye-nano-drone-the-worlds-smallest-quadricopter 4-skeye-nano-drone-the-worlds-smallest-quadricopter 5-skeye-nano-drone-the-worlds-smallest-quadricopter

all images and video courtesy of TRNDlabs