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Small Stories earring collection by nendo

Akihiro Yoshida

Oki Sato, founder of prolific Japanese design studio Nendo, continues to expand his personal line by | n, introducing a collection of pierced look clip-on earrings. Since they are clip-on earrings ears do not have to be pierced, and for the grip section a material that people with metal allergies can wear is being used. The earrings are designed to fit firmly for a long time without hurting. The earrings were made light so as to reduce the burden on the ears, with a laser cut stainless steel sheet of 0.5mm thickness, plated in silver or gold.

There are altogether twelve stories: “BIRD’S NEST” where the motif is a bird, nest and egg; “FLOWER FOREST” which illustrates a butterfly being attracted to the flowers; “FOREST” which shows trees multiplying to become a forest; “3 ORIONS” which shows the three dots becoming the constellation of Orion when joined up; “PAPER PLANE” which features an origami that becomes a paper airplane; “FIREWORKS” which features sparklers that spread out; “LEAVES” which features the leaves of the plants that multiply; “BRANCH” which features a tree growing tall; “SPROUTS” which features grass growing; “ORNAMENTS” which features a set of a flower and a vase; “CLOCK” which encompasses a dial and hands, and “RIBBONS” which features three types of ribbons.

The book-like packaging depicts the images of each story with the tool to help you wear the earrings being in the shape of bookmarks. The product enables the user to spin one’s own narrative with just three items.

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all images © Akihiro Yoshida