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SOFTlab Crystallized Installation for Melissa NYC


Multi-disciplinary studio SOFTlab has conceived an immersive crystalline structure for Melissa’s NYC store, which is inspired by their Winter 2015 collection, Star Walker. Crystals are both highly refined structures and yet primitive. They can be found everywhere, but are anything but ordinary. Much like the shoes in Melissa’s Sky Walker collection, the ordered asymmetry of crystalline structures always inspires beauty. Inspired by both the shoes and crystals, we have produced an immersive installation that looks different from every angle. explain the design team. “We have taken advantage of the irregularities in the overall form of the installation to turn Melissa’s NYC store into a kaleidoscope of color and light.”

By cladding the complex aluminum structure with dichroic acrylic, the piece changes color and reflectivity as visitors move around it. By lighting the pieces from within the large crystalline structures will cast colored light onto the white store using it as a canvas. The installation acts as both a spectacular form and a giant lantern creating a landscape of color, filling the store with an otherworldly atmosphere.

 softlab-crystallized-installation-for-melissa-store-in-nyc-13 softlab-crystallized-installation-for-melissa-store-in-nyc-3 softlab-crystallized-installation-for-melissa-store-in-nyc-4 softlab-crystallized-installation-for-melissa-store-in-nyc-5 softlab-crystallized-installation-for-melissa-store-in-nyc-6 softlab-crystallized-installation-for-melissa-store-in-nyc-7 softlab-crystallized-installation-for-melissa-store-in-nyc-8 softlab-crystallized-installation-for-melissa-store-in-nyc-9 softlab-crystallized-installation-for-melissa-store-in-nyc-10 softlab-crystallized-installation-for-melissa-store-in-nyc-11

all images courtesy of SOFTlab