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Solar Benefits: Why 2022 Is the Year to Get Solar Panels Installed

Technician installing a solar panel

Kindel Media from Pexels

46 percent of US homeowners in 2019 claimed that they were seriously considering switching to solar energy.

Most of these people are yet to install solar panels in 2022. They claim that the solar costs are too high and the returns are too low. Others are waiting for more innovative home energy options.

If you’re one of these homeowners, 2022 is your year to go solar.

Here are the solar benefits you’ll enjoy.

Subsidized Solar Panels

The government offers a 26% tax credit for solar systems installed in 2020-2022—a 22 percent tax credit for systems installed in 2023. So, to enjoy huge savings, you should consider installing home solar panels this year (2022).

Understand that the solar tax credit expires in 2024. So, reach out to the best solar company near you for more insights on the solar tax credit. The idea is to find experts who’ll help you submit the tax credit paperwork.

Also, these experts will advise you on the right solar system to install in your home. You want to invest in solar panels that produce enough energy for all your home needs. Also, you should strive to find solar panels with a long lifespan.

Low Electricity Bill

As of 2020, the average US household spent $117.46 per month on the electric bill. This amount will only go up as the cost of energy production in America keeps increasing. As a frugal person, you should explore your options for reducing your home electricity bill.

Yes, investing in energy-efficient bulbs and appliance helps, but it’s not enough. You need to search for a long-lasting and affordable home energy alternative. And that’s why you should consider switching to solar energy.

Reach out to a local solar panel installation company for help in determining how much energy your home needs. The idea is to know the number of solar panels to install on your roof.

Also, this company will share more solar advantages persuading you why paying the upfront solar cost is worth it. Besides, if you can’t afford to pay cash for the solar system, there are other financing options.

Here are top solar financing options in 2022:

• Solar loans- You can access both secured and unsecured loans to purchase a solar system
• Leasing solar panels

Contact local solar companies for more information on these solar financing options. You want to know the cost of each of them to determine which one is right for you.

 Technician places a solar panel on a red tile roof.

High Property Value

Adding solar panels to your home is a sure way of increasing its value. Homebuyers find houses with solar systems more appealing and are willing to pay more for them. On top of having a higher value, homes with solar also sell faster than the ones without.

In addition, solar panel installation is a less messy home upgrading option. You don’t need to pull down a wall or vacate the premises to install the solar panels. The only thing the solar installation company will check is your roof’s sturdiness.

The idea is to ensure the roof is sturdy enough to support the solar panels’ weight.

So, although you’ve no plans to sell your home soon, install solar panels to increase its value. A high home value increases your property equity, making it easy to access different home equity loans.

Power Outage Backup

It’s heartbreaking when you’re forced to throw out tons of spoiled food from your refrigerator due to a power outage. You’ll be forced to spend more money on groceries than the budgeted monthly amount. Besides, you’ll have to make an impromptu grocery store visit to refill your refrigerator.

To avoid all these hassles and save money, invest in a power outage backup. Install solar panels and buy battery storage. The idea is to have the means to store the energy your solar panels generate.

So, even if there’s a power outage, you’ll still keep your home appliance, such as the refrigerator running. Besides, you’ll feel safe and comfortable when there are lights in your home despite a power outage.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Are you wondering how you can join the fight against pollution and environmental degradation? Then look for ways you and your household can reduce your carbon footprint. To achieve this goal, switch to green energy such as solar.

Solar energy doesn’t produce greenhouse gases that pollute the environment. If more people switch to solar power, we’ll reduce the need to use fossil fuels to generate electricity. And by doing so, we can reverse all harmful effects of environmental pollution.

Opportunity to Generate Passive Income

Installing solar panels offers homeowners a means to generate extra income. They can sell back their unused electricity units to utility companies. So, if you’re planning to install solar panels, learn more about net metering programs.

Consult solar companies to know how to sign up for these programs. Also, seek insights on how much money you can earn through net metering.

Go Green to Enjoy Incredible Solar Benefits

2022 is the best year for you to go solar. You want to take advantage of all the above solar benefits as some won’t last forever. The solar tax credit will expire in 2024, so you should buy solar panels this year to save money.

Besides, you’ve numerous solar financing options if you can’t afford to pay cash. So, take advantage of these financing options to install solar panels in 2022.

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